Free Professional Digital Marketing Manager Resume Template

A standout resume is necessary for a successful job search, and you can use our professional digital marketing manager template to get yourself started. The professional template is best if the company you’re applying to has a by-the-book mentality. The language in this resume is professional and to the point. Don’t go crazy with your thesaurus, but do use active verbs. Read on to gain a deeper understanding of this resume type.

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What to Include in a Professional Digital Marketing Manager Resume

For the professional-style resume, you’ll want to stay away from creative verbs and adjectives. Focus on using strong action verbs and clearly communicating your professional merits. Remember, your skills and expertise are always most important on a resume. The sections above will help you include all the relevant information you need. However, if you feel you need an extra section for a certain application, feel free to include it.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • No Bullets: Bullets make your resume easier to read and scan. Plus, bullets help you economize your information so you can fit more on the page.
  • Hobbies Included: Only professional experiences and skills have a place on your resume. However, your hobbies might be a great way to break the ice in an interview or at the water cooler.
  • No Appropriate Keywords: Make your resume search-engine friendly with the keywords recruiters and hiring managers would use.
  • Being Dishonest: Anything untrue on your resume can be checked, so be on the safe side. Only include skills and experiences that are verifiable and don’t overstate your abilities.
  • Filler: Focus on using quality content over filling space. If a bullet or phrase is irrelevant to the job or your resume, leave it out and use the space for something else.
  • References Included: In the current job market, employers will only want to see your references if they specifically ask. Keep this information in a separate document.

Resume Content
William J. Purdue
1200 Peach Tree Drive, Raleigh NC 11111
Highly skilled Digital Marketing Manager with developed proficiency in basic coding and major social media platforms. Experienced marketing manager with excellent leadership skills and certifications in search engine optimization. Seeking senior level or management position in driven company environment.
Google AdWords certified
Bing Ads certified
Proficient with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
Excellent Adobe Photoshop skills
Strong communicator
Senior Digital Marketing Manager
3/1/2014 ? 5/1/2016
Talent Wise Marketing Consultancy ? Durham, NC
Oversaw up to 10 simultaneous projects with a department of 50 talented digital marketers.
Typically handled rebranding and online presence revamping projects for clients in need of a strong push for a new product.
Researched current state of brand using Google Analytics and modeling tools.
Collaborated with senior marketing team to devise effective social media and online campaign strategies.
Maintained industry knowledge with continuing education classes and by reading industry news outlets.
Implemented SingleTech applications, which increased multiple platform management efficiency by 10 percent.

Digital Marketing Consultant
4/1/2011 ? 3/1/2014
Tarheel Ads and More ? Raleigh, NC
Managed several teams during time with the company, the largest being a 20-person team for a high-profile client.
Trained junior and entry-level digital marketers to ensure company quality across the board.
Attended industry events to build company client and partnership networks.
Advised clients on existing brand issues and provided solutions for a successful overhaul of certain brand elements.

Junior Digital Marketing Manager
7/1/2009 ? 3/1/2011
Mountain View Consultants ? Asheville, NC
Managed multiple social media accounts on these platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest.
Collaborated with team members to design and implement campaigns across brand platforms.
Met quarterly goals for platform/account growth including repost and mention statistics.
Bachelor of Science in Communications and Advertising
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC