Free Professional Fashion Assistant Buyer Resume Template

If you’ve had a straightforward, by-the-book career, you need a straightforward resume that showcases this advantage. For professionals who have been climbing the career ladder in a logical way, a professional resume is a great choice. Take care with your professional resume and make sure to include the right information and format it in a way that speaks to the kind of employers you want to attract. For more guidelines about creating this style of resume, peruse the template and tips below.

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What to Include in a Professional Fashion Assistant Buyer Resume

The flow of your job history is very important in a professional resume. Employers like to see an applicant who has transitioned gracefully from one job to the next and has stayed at a company for a good period of time, which shows that someone is trustworthy and reliable. Emphasize these qualities by using standard formal and professional language, and don’t forget to include other sections like the summary, education and any particularly impressive highlights of your career.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Spending Too Little Time on Appearances: Your resume should focus on content but also on form. Make sure that your resume, in addition to using consistent formatting, is visually appealing. When recruiters look through a stack of resumes, yours may stand out if you take time to amp up the formatting a notch or two.
  • Forgetting to Include Keywords: Some companies use computer programs to scan resumes for keywords. Come up with a list of industry and job-specific keywords and sprinkle them throughout your resume. If you select the right words, your resume may score high, which may result in you getting an interview for the job of your dreams.
  • Doing All Your Proofreading by Yourself: Even if you have an eagle eye, it’s possible to miss tiny mistakes. Let a few grammar-conscious friends or relatives read it as well to see if they can spot anything that you may have missed. Chances are there are a few typos you may have overlooked. Finding and fixing these errors gets you closer to a perfect resume in every respect.
  • Producing a Generic Resume for All Jobs: There’s nothing more embarrassing than applying for one job and listing a completely different career goal in your summary. Make sure your resume fits the job you’re applying for.

Resume Content
Lucy Childress
8694 Avion Drive, Glossville, OK
Serious, ambitious business professional with fashion retail experience. Detail-oriented problem solver with a passion for apparel and accessories. Searching for a position in fashion buying to expand both business and creative skills.
Organized and meticulous
Five years of retail work and two years of assistant fashion buyer training
Knowledgeable about up-and-coming fashion trends
Skilled relationship-builder
Budget-oriented and good with numbers
Assistant Fashion Buyer
6/1/2014 ? Current
Glossville Fine Clothing ? Glossville, OK
Assist with budget preparation and allocation of funds for new fashions
Research and analyze various fashion wholesalers in terms of price and fashion-forwardness
Cut down on company costs by finding lower-cost, equal-quality wholesalers
Form strong relationship with key fashion wholesaler
Achieve an average 17% discount on clothing
Create trend projection system that brought in 50% more sales in two years

Store Manager
6/1/2011 ? 6/1/2014
Glossville Fine Clothing ? Glossville, OK
Managed 20 other employees
Improved customer satisfaction by 30%
Improved store’s aesthetic appearance with new layout ideas

Assistant Store Manager
6/1/2009 ? 6/1/2011
Glossville Fine Clothing ? Glossville, OK
Assisted in managing customer complaints
Resolved issues with returns
Managed other employees
Maintained cleanliness of store
Achieved title of top salesperson in first year
Bachelor of Business Management, Minor in Fashion Merchandising
Glossville Community College, Glossville, OK