Free Professional Foreign Language Teacher Resume Template

Are you applying for a teaching position at a prestigious institution? Of all the resume styles you might use, the professional foreign language teacher template will be best suited for this application. This professional resume template focuses on projecting a classic image of a knowledgeable and proficient teacher. To learn more about this resume type, read over the guide and samples below.

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What to Include in a Professional Foreign Language Teacher Resume

For your professional style resume, you’re going to want to focus on using strong action verbs in your descriptions. Make every word count and fill the space with quality information about your skills and experiences. Think of the professional resume as a place for your skills and merits to shine on their own. Showcase your capability in every line you write. Include the above sections and add a professional certifications section if relevant and necessary.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Including References: Save your references for a completely separate document. Give it to your potential employers only if they specifically ask for it.
  • Typos: Reading over your final draft is incredibly important for catching typos. Using the wrong word or inconsistent format can be avoided with a quick proofread.
  • Dishonesty: Overstating your abilities can land you in hot water later. Stay honest in every bullet you write to avoid uncomfortable conversations down the road.
  • Bullet Usage: Bullets are essential to maintaining a well-organized and easy-to-read resume. Use them as often as prudent.
  • No Use of Keywords: What are the keywords an employer would type into the search bar? Include these in your resume. Start with the languages or subjects you’d like to teach.
  • Over the Page Limit: If you have a particularly extensive career, you can get away with a two-page resume. Otherwise, keep your document to one page.

Resume Content
Marjory Major
1213 Majority Avenue, Montgomery, UT 11111
Dedicated high school foreign language teacher with fluent knowledge of Spanish, French and Italian. Punctual and well-organized foreign language teacher with developed ability to effectively guide a classroom of diverse students. Seeking position with high school driven by the advancement of its students.
Teacher of the Year 2012
Fluent in Spanish, Italian and French
Familiar with IEPs
CPR Certified
Knowledgeable of the Utah State Curriculum
National Teaching Certified
Spanish and French Teacher
8/1/2014 ? 6/1/2016
Reed High School ? Salt Lake City, Utah
Chaired the Foreign Language Department, which included a total of ten fellow educators.
Managed department budget for foreign language clubs and requested educational materials.
Advised the principal along with other department heads regarding school programs and needed materials.
Organized trip to Europe for the French, Spanish and German clubs so students could experience the culture firsthand.

Spanish Teacher
8/1/2011 ? 6/1/2014
Davis High School ? Torrington, Utah
Regularly participated in professional development workshops and continuing education courses.
Collaborated with fellow educators on the “Support Network,” a teacher committee dedicated to giving struggling students individualized educational support.
Translated for local parents new to the area when registering students as needed.
Served as assistant coach for the junior varsity girl’s volleyball team.
Received faculty award for Outstanding Teaching.

Italian Teacher
8/1/2009 ? 6/1/2011
Governor Ellinwood High School ? Redding, Utah
Attended professional development workshops for new teachers and foreign language instructors.
Redirected poor and unacceptable behavior with positive reinforcement when possible.
Developed activities designed to teach and help students grow socially.
Assigned regular homework assignments to reinforce daily lessons.
Incorporated range of activities to encourage active participation.
Sponsored the student-led Italian club, which regularly took trips to local exhibits and shows related to Italian culture.
Bachelor of EducationMinor in Romance Languages
Spectacle University, Spectacle, UT