Free Professional General Manager Resume Template

Drafting your resume is the first substantive step you take when applying for a position. As such, this process needs a lot of care and thought; it is not enough to simply list your credentials. The visual presentation as well as the tone and language of your resume play an important role in conveying your fitness as a candidate. In addition to reviewing this free professional general manager resume template and guide, be sure to research the company where you want to work. Understanding the company culture will help you create a resume that demonstrates that you will be a good fit for the workplace environment.

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What to Include in a Professional General Manager Resume

Research the company where you are applying for your general manager position. You should learn about general resume standards in that industry, as well as something about the particular culture of the business you are looking at. Your resume should emphasize the qualifications that will most contribute to your success if you were hired for the position. Make sure your tone also reflects that you understand and fit in with the desired job environment. Use formal, professional language to describe your achievements and credentials. Your resume should include contact information, a quick summary of what you bring to the position and relevant work experience, skills and credentials.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Irrelevant Information: Your resume should include credentials that are relevant to your potential performance in the position. Thus, information such as high school education, student jobs and hobbies is not appropriate on most resumes. Ultimately you should use your judgment to weigh which experiences should be included.
  • Excessive Length: A general manager resume should not exceed one page. If yours is longer, consider whether you have included extraneous information or used inflated or redundant language.
  • Sloppy Appearance: Inconsistent spacing or indentation can make your resume appear disorganized and difficult to read. Your font should have a standard and clear appearance – creative fonts are distracting and make for a less than professional impact.
  • Negativity: Do not use your resume to explain grievances with your prior workplace. For example, when describing problems you addressed in the workplace, be careful not to make it look as if you are blaming your former colleagues or supervisors for the existence of the problem.
  • Omitting Bullet Points: Using bullet-pointed lists is a visually appealing way to organize your information and make it easy for employers to catch highlights.

Resume Content
James Wilson
589 Birch Road, Plainfield, OH 11111
General manager with over 15 years of experience in project management, operational oversight, team leadership, efficiency optimization and strategic planning. Goal-oriented problem solver with exceptional communication skills. Increased cross-departmental performance by streamlining processes and reducing inefficiencies. Proficient at identifying and addressing problems and strategizing to achieve goals.
Strategized to identify and implement cost-cutting measures
Consistent track record of meeting budget and operational goals
Exceptional team building
Contract negotiation
Client communication
Budget management
Quality control
General Manager
4/1/2010 ? Current
Star Industries Inc. ? Plainfield, OH
Ensured quality control across departments.
Created and implemented cost-cutting measures.
Recruited and trained team members.
Conducted employee performance reviews.
Negotiated contracts with suppliers and clients.
Resolved customer concerns and complaints.
Implemented compliance protocols for best practices and quality control.
Contributed to the development of company goals.
Motivated department members to achieve and exceed company goals.

Human Resources Manager
1/1/2000 ? 3/1/2010
LMK Industrial ? Plainfield, OH
Developed employee manuals.
Interviewed and hired new employees.
Participated in employee performance reviews.
Addressed and resolved employee conflicts or complaints.
Optimized employee performance by generating constructive feedback.

Master in Business Administration
Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
Bachelor of Arts in Management
University of Ohio, Cleveland, OH