Free Professional Logistics Coordinator Resume Template

As one of the most vital parts of applying for a job, your resume should be a priority for you. If you analyze the kind of company you are applying with and create a resume that fits accordingly, you can improve your chances of being hired. The professional resume is best for straightforward companies that perhaps are a little traditional. This kind of resume paints you in a good light, which makes it an excellent choice. The following professional logistics coordinator resume template will help you get started.

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What to Include in a Professional Logistics Coordinator Resume

The standard resume format includes a summary and skill highlight, experience, and education sections. It is in your best interest to follow this standard format closely, as many employers expect to see it and may not consider candidates who stray from it significantly. If you are writing a straightforward, professional resume, this is likely even more true. The experience section is most important, so prioritize strong information for that section. The best resumes are crafted with a specific company in mind, so specific information can be used to improve the chances of success.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Creating an Ordinary Resume: While you should not stray too far from the standard resume format, writing a resume that is not distinct from others will not get you the job. You should think about how the content of your resume can make you stand out without changing the organization of information.
  • Being Passive: Hiring managers are looking for active employees, so your resume should reflect your ability to get work done. Focus on what you have accomplished and how you would tackle the job if hired. A good way to ensure your resume is active is to begin each bullet point in your experience section with a strong action verb.
  • Not Considering the Appearance of Your Resume: While the content of your resume is always most important, how it looks on the page will also influence how readers consider you. Large, intimidating blocks of text make it difficult for them to read, while gaps of wasted space make it seem like you have little to offer.
  • Not Managing the Length of the Resume: If yours is too long or short, it may significantly alter your first impression. Your goal should be to write a resume that is about one page. It is only acceptable to use two pages if you have an especially long work history, usually more than 10 years.
  • Not Taking the Time to Proofread: The final review step is very important. Any typographical errors that slip through are going to make you look unprofessional and unthinking. You should also be on the lookout for simple ways to improve your resume’s effectiveness.

Resume Content
Jim Underwood
5598 Wall St., Chandler, AZ 11111
Efficiency expert with experience in logistics, management, and client interaction ready to apply career of more than nine years. Consistently improved efficiency and lowered expenses. Also holds extensive knowledge of communication and service.
Global finance and international logistics
Inventory control
Budget management
Coordination and multitasking
Logistics Coordinator
2/1/2007 ? 5/1/2012
Johnson Manufacturing and Distribution ? Prepared logistical reports
Competed international customs forms
Presented statistics to managers
Communicated with providers and build relationships
Managed inventory

Logistics Department Head
5/1/2012 ? Current
Johnson Manufacturing and Distribution ? Lead logistics team to ensure quality of work
Schedule labor and assigned project teams
Oversee all receiving and sending of shipments
Improve process for 10% efficiency increase
Manage rush orders and changes to orders

Bachelor of Science in Logistical Management
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ – 2006