Free Professional Medical Assistant Resume Template

When you need a great resume for a medical assistant position with a conventional company, you can catch the eye of a recruiter or hiring manager with the help of a professional-style resume. This type of resume is ideal for those who wish to work for businesses that are more traditional in nature. Although it may be similar in style to traditional and executive resumes, it focuses on the path you have taken to get to where you are and highlights your growth as a professional. Read the following tips to learn how to create a professional medical assistant resume of your own.

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What to Include in a Professional Medical Assistant Resume

When creating a professional medical assistant resume, you want to show hiring managers that you meet all the requirements for the position, but you also want to highlight how much you have grown and learned over the years. This means that you should include a logical progression from position to position, showing how your responsibilities have grown and changed as your experience level has increased. Also, include a highlights section that pinpoints your greatest accomplishments and attributes. This will all work together to help you stand out among your peers.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Not Proofing: One of the most common and most harmful mistakes you can make is not meticulously proofing your resume. You need to find and eliminate any errors in the document if you want to show anyone that you can handle patient care and administrative duties.
  • Choosing One-Size-Fits-All – Not all jobs are the same, so that means your resume needs to be tailored to the position you want. You need to be sure to only include relevant information that has a chance of helping you highlight who you are and why you deserve that position.
  • Being Too General: In order to catch the eye of a recruiter, include specific details and why they matter.
  • Being Deceptive: Lying on a resume should be avoided at all costs. Stick with integrity and be honest, even if you don’t think it will be enough. You never know what may happen.

Resume Content
Amelia Song
18293 Brown Hen Way, Las Vegas, NV 11111
Highly motivated and dedicated medical assistant with more than 14 years of experience in providing dependable, superior patient care. Understands the key to a successful practice is teamwork and fulfilling assigned responsibilities so a department runs like a well-oiled machine. Has a clear and comprehensive knowledge of medical, surgical and administrative procedures. Looking for a place in a team of reliable, like-minded medical personnel who can continue to mentor growth as a medical assistant.
Oversaw the maintenance of files for the entire practice.
Certified – American Association of Medical Assistants.
Expertly provided clinical, surgical and administrative assistance to doctors and support team for an office caring for 75 patients each day.
Created a new intake procedure that streamlined the process and allowed us to see 15 percent more patients each day.
Lead Medical Assistant
2010 ? 2016
University Medical Center ? Las Vegas, NV
Preparing physicians for surgeries and physical exams.
Performs and oversees the completion of administrative duties such as handling medical files, setting appointments and accepting payments.
Provides medical care for patients with common injuries and needs, including cleaning wounds and applying dressings, removing casts. and administering medication under the direction of a physician.
Follows protocol when closing the operating room following surgery.

Medical Assistant/Office Manager
2004 ? 2010
Desert Palm Obstetrics ? Las Vegas, NV
Managed the schedule for office of eight doctors.
Oversaw the work of 10 receptionists and office staff.
Performed regular medical assistant responsibilities like taking vitals and prepping patient rooms.

Medical Assistant Intern
2002 ? 2003
Desert Oasis Medical Group ? Las Vegas, NV
Prepared patient rooms and recorded patient histories.
Performed general office and reception duties like welcoming patients, scheduling appointments and answering phones.
Called in prescription to pharmacies.
Associate of Science – Medical Assisting
Community College of Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV