Free Professional Radio Host Resume Template

For some, working as a radio host may seem to be a very laidback career. Yet despite that perception, radio station managers still want to hire people who consider themselves to be professionals. Being a professional is less a title than it is a manner of presenting yourself. You don’t necessarily need to have years of experience in the broadcast industry to be considered a professional. Rather, you must display the skills to comport yourself in professional manner, particularly in an on-air situation. The following information and advice can be used as a template to build a professional resume for a radio host position.

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What to Include in a Professional Radio Host Resume

Your professional resume should read less like a sales pitch as to why you should be considered for a job and more like a succinct summary of your qualifications. You want your skills and experience to speak for themselves. Thus you should avoid adding in extra details in an attempt to embellish your resume. Clearly state your intent in your summary, and then use the remainder of your resume to provide the background information needed to win the confidence of those making hiring decisions. Ultimately a professional resume should be one that can be given to several different prospective employers, as the information included should qualify you to work for any number of genres.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Adding too many details: One well-written sentence can be just as effective as two or three poorly conceived phrases.
  • Forgetting who your audience is: You’re speaking to station managers. Use language that will convey your professionalism as opposed to your personality.
  • Omitting professional experience: While internships and student experience are helpful, those making hiring decisions want to see that you’ve succeeded in a professional environment.
  • Placing too much emphasis on skills: Most employers will assume that extensive work experience has given you the skills needed to succeed as a radio host.
  • Being vague with your previous experience in radio: The factors that influence ratings between shows differ depending upon their themes and time slots. Detailing the genres and airing times of shows you’ve worked on conveys that you are familiar with this concept.

Resume Content
Susan Sanders
10001 Washington Drive, Las Vegas, NV 11111
Experienced lead radio show producer looking for first on-air job in new market. Offer several years of experience working behind the scenes in radio. Have the skills and experience needed to effectively field questions from callers, conduct interviews, and offer insightful commentary. Have opinions and advice that a listening audience will find interesting. Know how to deal with technical issues while on-air.
Began career at WOJN as intern after completing degree program. Promoted to technical staff within first year, assistant producer within three years, and lead producer within six.
Served as producer for several different shows in various time slots.
Arranged over 300 off-site broadcasts both as assistant and lead producer.
Served as the coordinating director for all collaborative efforts between all shows on WOJN for special events.
Stood in for radio station programming director in several negotiations with on-air hosts.
Served as fill-in host on for several different time slots.
Accumulated over 200 hours of on-air time.
Occasionally engaged hosts in discussion while on air regarding callers and topics.
Served as executive officer of local chapter of broadcasting professional accrediting organization.
Worked as both host and producer of student radio station as part of broadcasting degree program in college.
Lead Producer, Primetime Policy Forum
WOJN Radio ? Colorado Springs, CO
2013 ? 2016
Lead Producer, Morning Commute Call-In
WOJN Radio ? Colorado Springs, CO
2011 ? 2013

Assistant Producer, Noontime News Break
WOJN Radio ? Colorado Springs, CO
2008 ? 2011

Host and Producer, Razorback Radio Request Line
WCCR ? Copperton, NV
2013 ? 2016

Bachelor of Broadcasting
Copperton College, Copperton, NV
Minor in Philosophy
Dean’s List during final semester
Recommended to WOJN Internship program by CC Broadcasting Departmental Chair