Free Professional Research Associate Resume Template

Your resume is so much more than a calling card. It is an important document that will help potential employers to determine if they should hire you. Since you will be competing with hundreds or even thousands of candidates for the position, you need to create a resume that makes your experience and skills stand out. When applying to research associate jobs that are offered by companies with a strictly professional image, you should use a professional-style resume because it mimics their culture. This style also shows that you are a candidate who should be taken seriously. Take a look at the following professional research associate resume template and guide for assistance while drafting this document.

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What to Include in a Professional Research Associate Resume

A great professional research associate resume is one that lists your competencies and qualifications in logical sequence. A bullet point should precede each one. This type of CV is ideal for professionals who are interested in securing employment with a company that is by-the-book. Keep all language professional, detailed and concise so that recruiters can read through it easily.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Confusing Objective With Summary: Do not write your summary like an objective statement. Your summary should look like a brief and professional introduction that clearly outlines several of the qualities, credentials and experience you have that are relevant to the job you are applying for.
  • Rambling: If your resume is several pages long, then you are probably rambling about things that employers are not interested in. Keep your statements short and sweet. If the information on your resume can’t help you to land the job directly, keep it off.
  • Using Pronouns: The use of pronouns like “I” and “me” hurts your credibility. They create an unprofessional and informal tone which weakens the power of your CV.
  • Lack of Action Verbs: Use action verbs to make it easier for recruiters to associate all of the information on your resume with you. The use of action verbs also helps to capture their attention so your resume delivers a powerful punch.
  • Improper Email Information: Double-check your contact information, especially your email address for accuracy and professionalism. Do not put an odd, weird or unprofessional email address on this document. Everything about your CV should be professionally correct.

Resume Content
John Cook
3455 Hemingway Drive, Crockersville, NY 11111
Driven and highly passionate professional with experience in research, design and analytic functions. Team player with an aptitude for identifying scientific problems, finding solutions and improving experiment design processes. Looking for a challenging and rewarding research associate opportunity with a scientific design company.
Advanced knowledge of biological engineering
Knowledge of flow cytometry
Plasmid design
Adept at batch inventory and database maintenance
Knowledge of next generation sequencing
Strong technical skills
Efficient at multitasking and prioritizing tasks
Highly analytical
Superior work ethic
Team collaborator
Biological Research Analyst
2/14/2016 ? Current
BioMax Industries ? Holkley, NY
Collect, evaluate and document data and experiment computations with scientific analysis software.
Comply with laboratory safety, sanitation and infection control regulations.
Observe and occasionally modify experiment procedures for various research projects.
Routinely test and document lab equipment prior to daily use.
Monitor test subjects and experiments, evaluate all findings, develop conclusions and perform follow-up experiments.
Assist scientists and collaborate with the research team in drafting scientific documents, reports and grant applications.
Collect, prep, observe and evaluate samples and cultures for independent research experiments.
Inventory and order lab supplies.
Participate in departmental training to enhance working knowledge of advanced analysis techniques.
Maintain laboratory database.
Perform aseptic procedures.
Bachelor of Science in Biological Engineering
Heely University, Ayona, NY