Free Professional Sanitation Resume Template

When you’re seeking a new position, constructing a strong professional resume is your best weapon. You can get a good start on this by consulting professional resume templates for ideas and inspiration. A professional resume allows you to show prospective employers the progress you’ve made in your prior positions, and it’s best used when you’re applying for a position with managerial duties or potential. You should emphasize skills and experience more than in an entry level resume, but they need not be as robust as might be found on an executive resume. For even more insight on making your resume shine, read the following tips.

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What to Include in a Professional Sanitation Resume

If you’re angling for a position with expanded duties or the potential for such, it’s important to show recruiters the progress you’ve already made on your professional resume. Moving up and gaining additional responsibilities shows you are capable of professional growth, but the position you’re applying for should ultimately determine your resume’s contents. You can ensure they are easy to read by organizing your professional resume into specific sections.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Failing to Highlight Progress in Prior Roles: Since a professional resume is all about preparing for career advancement, making your already-accomplished advancements unclear is a huge disservice. Differentiate job titles and specify different job duties in order to avoid this pitfall.
  • Leaving Out Key Words: Including keywords such as management and professional can let recruiters know your intentions. Without these words, however, your resume may fall flat. Strategize which words might make the biggest impression, and pepper them throughout your text.
  • Organizing Poorly: Utilizing sections and bullet points makes your content easily read and accessible. Your resume should not just be a wall of text. When you do not place information in an easily read format, you are alienating your audience and losing out on opportunities.
  • Including Unnecessary Information: It’s never necessary to include contact information for your references right on your resume. In fact, this might seem like filler when you have limited space available. Devote the page of your resume to relevant information only and leave everything else out.
  • Focus on Basic Skills: If you are drafting your professional resume with the intention of moving up in your field, you should focus on the more advanced elements of your skill set.

Resume Content
Stephanie Smith
143 Mason Road, Harpursville, CA 11111
Skilled sanitation professional seeking opportunity to learn more and take on additional responsibilities. Over four years spent in various roles in the field. Experienced in handling common sanitation management tasks such as project supervision, properly using chemicals, maintaining knowledge of codes and standards, and creating a safe environment. Looking for an opportunity to apply these skills in a managerial role or a position with the potential to move up to management.
Experience managing members of a sanitation team
Expertise in cleaning chemicals
Skilled in supervising completion of cleaning tasks
Familiar with routine tasks such as sweeping and mopping
Dedication to following sanitation protocol at all times
Experienced in waste management
Ability to unite team for efficient task completion
6/1/2015 ? Current
Harpursville Unified School District ? Clean kitchen and cafeteria to comply with health codes.
Sweep, mop and polish all floors in school.
Manage garbage throughout facility.
Manage cleaning schedule before, during and after classes.
Become familiar and compliant with district sanitization protocol.
Clean lockers, classrooms and bathrooms.

Janitorial Intern
12/1/2014 ? 6/1/2015
Harpursville Unified School District ? Trained with lead janitors.
Swept and mopped floors.
Assisted with daily tasks.
Became familiar with cleaning protocols.
Managed and disposed of trash throughout the school.

Associate’s Degree in Business Management
Harpursville Community College, Harpursville, CA