Free Professional Sports Coach Resume Template

As you apply for sports coach jobs, a professional resume could be what gets you the position of your dreams. Such a resume showcases your job progression in logical order; for example, you may be seeking a head coaching position after first being an assistant coach and then a head assistant. We have provided a sample free professional sports coach resume below because it is a good idea to review resume templates as you work to develop your own resume. We have also added tips at the bottom of this article.

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What to Include in a Professional Sports Coach Resume

In a professional resume, you would not list an assistant coach job, a teacher job and a children’s entertainer job one after the other. As you write or type a professional sports coach resume, remember that your jobs must progress logically. If your work experience does not match this format, then a traditional resume could be more fitting. Cover your skills, work experience and education in your resume, and take advantage of bullet points for easier reading.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Going Into Too Much Detail: Your resume should be one page, although two pages are okay if you have a lot of relevant experience. In general, you can leave off jobs from 15 or more years ago. Exceptions are common, though, such as in cases where you have had only two or three jobs and stayed at your first job until relatively recently.
  • Including Extraneous Information: The world of sports coaching can be small. Your spouse or parent may be a well-known coach, but do not include that information on a resume for the sake of “boasting.” It’s a bit of a different matter if you once coached a notable athlete, but you should have had a direct impact on the person. For example, if you coached John Doe, helping him break a world record, that could go under highlights.
  • Leaving Out Volunteer Positions: Volunteer positions are great and often necessary for sports coaches. They can be a good way to show the logical progression of your recent work history.
  • Bypassing Keywords: The job description likely has valuable keywords you should put into your resume. For example, if the description calls for an excellent communicator and you fit the bill, you may want to include that information.

Resume Content
Jacob Johnson
567 Waterfall Street, Roanoke, VA 11111
Hardworking swimming assistant head coach with proven record of motivating teams and helping swimmers find balance in their lives. Extensive coaching experience at many levels. Four years as a Division II college swimmer, winner of several awards. Seeking swim team coaching opportunity at the high school or college level.
5 years, assistant head coach for Division II Roanoke Sharks swim team
3 years, assistant coach for Division I Salem Stingrays swim team
Deep knowledge of swimming
Up to date on current technologies for swimmers
Champion swimmer in college; prior holder of several Roanoke city records
Ongoing education in player motivation, coaching techniques
Driven and reliable coach
Excellent communicator
Safety-first mindset
Assistant Head Coach
8/1/2011 ? Present
Swim Team, Roanoke State University Sharks ? Roanoke, VA
Work with male and female swimmers at the Division II college level.
Identify areas of strength and growth for individual swimmers and the team as a whole.
Work with head coach and other assistants to coordinate coaching styles and logistics.
Reinforce swimmers in a positive way that promotes sportsmanship.
Recruit players.
Help players balance personal life, academics and athletics.

Assistant Coach
10/1/2008 ? 7/1/2011
Swim Team, Salem University Stingrays ? Salem, VA
Worked with head coach and other assistants to develop Division I swimmers.
Provided one-on-one and small-group feedback sessions on technique adjustments.
Developed meal and exercise suggestions.
Coordinated travel logistics.
Communicated with visiting team coaching staff for home meets.

Bachelor of Science, Physical Education, 05/2001
University of Nortingham, New Nortingham, VA