Free Professional Technical Support Resume Template

Creating a strong resume that gets you noticed in a highly competitive field is a vital skill that every job seeker should possess. A great resume is one that is professionally styled and establishes you as a worthy candidate. Use this professional resume template and writing tips guide when applying to companies that have a professional and by-the-book company culture.

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What to Include in a Professional Technical Support Resume

Craft your resume so that it meets the expectations of your intended audience – potential employers. Carefully highlight your skills, qualifications and accomplishments in a unique way so that your resume remains competitive. Begin the document with your contact experience and brief summary. Remember to keep the language concise and professional.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Lack of succession: When adding your skills and experience to your resume, make you sure you list them so they logically succeed each other.
  • Lack of Bullet Points: Hiring managers have to read through tons of resumes. They only spend a few seconds reading each one. Writing your resume in paragraph form can result in your resume being overlooked and ignored. Your resume should be written using bullets so that employers can easily scan through it for the information they need.
  • Failing to Make a Unique Resume: You are competing with thousands of candidates for a job. Your resume needs to be unique so that you stand out from all other applicants to potential employers. Feel free to experiment with the style a bit without losing the traditional feel. Remember, your finished resume should have a professional and polished tone.
  • Making the Resume Personal: You want your resume to distinguish you from all other candidates. However, that doesn’t mean you should make your resume personal. Leave out your hobbies and interests. Even if your interests are relevant, too much information can hurt your credibility and professionalism.
  • Avoiding Concise Language: Employers are pressed for time and tend to scan resumes for vital information that identifies you as a worthy candidate. Try to include all of your information in a concise way without neglecting relevant details and dates. Avoid using flowery and vague language.

Resume Content
Judy Ring
123 Candy Drive, San Francisco, CA 11111
Driven technical support analyst with extensive experience in database administration and network support. A strong team player with an eye for details, numbers and software resolution. Looking for an opportunity to gain more experience in a fast-paced data driven environment.
Flexible and adaptable
Adept at task delegation
Coachable team player
Superior communication skills
Knowledgeable in database administration
Proficient in Operating Systems
Proficient in LAN and networking connectivity
Network and server conflict and resolution skills
Proficient in software and desktop support
Masterful in UNIX Administration
Melibility Tech ? San Francisco, CA
3/8/2016 ? Current
Tech Support Representative

Answered phones, documented clients’ concerns and escalated issues as necessary.
Resolved networking support issues online and over the phone
Coached and trained new team members.
Enhanced database security.
Regularly tested, configured and deployed technologies for hardware and software.
Installed software and hardware upgrades and updates.
Collaborated with team members on the design, repair and maintenance of TCP and IP hardware.
Identified and resolved LINUX, Windows and Mac issues.
Ran diagnostics and trace on all servers.
Resolved Outlook configuration and support issues.
Associates of Science in Networking
Cokil Community College, Kelk, CA