Free Professional Technical Support Specialist Resume Template

While it may not be readily apparent from an outsider’s perspective, a career in technical support can involve high levels of stress and anxiety. This is due to the crippling effect that network downtimes can have on companies. Thus, when you work in this field, you’ll often be required to deal with front-line employees anxious to get their applications back up and running. Your success in such a career, then, is largely based upon your ability to act professionally. In many cases, IT hiring mangers care less about who you are and more about how you’re able to handle yourself while under fire. This should influence the writing of your resume, prompting you to focus more on your demonstrated ability to effectively resolve issues. The accompanying template and tips can serve as a good foundation to build upon.

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What to Include in an Professional Technical Support Specialist Resume

For IT hiring managers, bringing on employees with previous experience in handling service calls is preferable to having to train people whose work has been limited to back-end support. Such experience will serve to place you at the front of the pack of applicants for tech support positions. Don’t forget to include it when detailing your work experience. Any recognition that you or the IT teams you’ve been a part have received will also bolster your resume.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Listing work experience out of chronological order: Those considering your application for a technical support position will want to verify exactly how you acquired your current skill set.
  • Focusing too much on personality: While you want to highlight your ability to deal with stressful situations, employers want to see where you’ve demonstrated those skills in a professional setting as opposed to in your personal life.
  • Emphasizing education over actual on-the-job skills: What you’ve learned in the classroom is important but should be expressed in the roles that you’ve filled in your professional career.
  • Formatting errors: Utilize bulleted lists to make your resume easier to read through.

Resume Content
Laura Moore
654 Mockingbird Lane, Sacramento, CA 11111
Technical support specialist in entry level job at large local corporation looking for advanced position with new company. Well-versed in all aspects of IT and able to field and respond to system issues in a swift and effective manner. Past experience includes data center monitoring. Hoping to perform support services primarily on-site, yet willing to travel if needed.
Three years of experience in current role, with nine total years’ experience in information technology.
Hired out of group of over 125 applicants.
Part of technical support team recognized by industry publication for establishing best practices.
Worked for six years in data center operations before transitioning into technical support.
Assisted in improving issue resolution efficacy by 30 percent during tenure.
Recognized as a resource to fellow employees.
Contributed feedback to HR and department manager regarding hiring practices.
Participated in published research project in college as part of senior seminar.
Currently hold three advanced IT certifications.
Technical Support Engineer
Worldwide Financial Managers ? Sacramento, CA
2013 ? Present

Hired as assistant to technical support director over client transactions department.
First year’s work involved resolving front-line issues remotely by phone.
Transitioned to technical response team in 2014.
Resolve issues and report on reconciliation.

Data Center Technician
Sabre Networking Services ? San Diego, CA
2008 ? 2013
Tracked network downtimes
Fielded calls from cloud services subscribers reporting issues.
Scheduled and logged daily data backup runs to be reported to clients.

Intern Environmental Monitor
West Coast Avionics ? San Diego, CA
2006 ? 2007
Primary responsibility was monitoring internal environmental conditions for data center, including air conditioning, condensation controls, and fire suppression systems.
Bachelor of Data Management Technology
Hawthorne State College, Hawthorne, CA