Free Professional Veterinary Technician Resume Template

If you have veterinary technician experience that shows your career progressing in an orderly manner, then a professional resume may serve you well. Show that each job builds on the previous one, and you are in good shape. Write in professional language, and to see what we mean about career progression, check out a few professional resume templates. We have a sample free professional veterinary technician resume below, too. There are a few tips to help you after the sample resume.

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What to Include in a Professional Veterinary Technician Resume

In a professional resume, you show a logical progression of your work. For example, a specialized interest comes to the forefront and/or you are promoted to positions of greater responsibility or specialization. Outline your expertise in the areas of skills, work experience and education, and make your resume pop even more with bullet points for easier reading. It is a good idea to use job-description keywords in your resume when you can.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Keyword Overstuffing: Using keywords from the job description can be smart, yes, but you do want to avoid overstuffing. Your resume should flow naturally and not sound contrived; avoid repeating the same keywords, for example.
  • Overwhelming Amounts of Text: Lots of people have lots of work experience. Keep your resume to one page if possible, although two pages are okay if your expertise warrants it. Cut off your work experience at about 15 years ago unless there are circumstances such as you have worked with the same employer for much of your career.
  • Personal Pronouns: Avoid referring to yourself as “he,” “she,” “I” or “my.” Write in sentences that have the subject cut off, for example, “Took and recorded patient histories.”
  • Getting Tenses Wrong: If you currently work at a job, describe your responsibilities in the present tense (for example, “take”). If you no longer work at a certain business, you should use past tense (“took”). Do write in past tense for past accomplishments at a current job, however.
  • Being Unprofessional: Just one “slip” is all it takes to appear unprofessional. Check that your email address is fit for the business world, and proofread your resume.

Resume Content
Fisher Havenford
889 Chavez Boulevard, Roanoke, VA 11111
Dedicated and responsible veterinary technician with 10 years of experience working with animals. Certification and licensure in Virginia. Consistently recognized by clients and veterinarians for efforts with small, large and exotic animals. Seeking position with focus on exotic animals.
Licensed and certified veterinary technician in Virginia
Ongoing education in working with exotic animals such as ferrets, rabbits, frogs, parrots and snakes
Member, National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America
Bilingual in English and Spanish
Excellent bedside manner
Great at thinking outside of the box
Calm and compassionate
Exemplary communications skills
Veterinary Technician
7/1/2008 ? Present
Dogs, Reptiles and More ? Roanoke, VA
Work with companion animals such as dogs, cats, ferrets, parrots, lizards and snakes.
Focus progressively more on exotic-animal care.
Collect urine, blood, tissue and other specimens for testing.
Perform laboratory tests.
Administer anesthesia to animals and track their responses.
Take and record patients’ case histories.
Provide education to humans on how to care for their pets.
Developed program to recruit more exotic-animal patients to practice; exotic-animal caseload doubled.
Recognized by management five times for professional and compassionate care.

Veterinary Technician
7/1/2006 ? 8/1/2008
Animal Lovers ? Roanoke, VA
Worked as a jack-of-all-trades veterinary technician.
Received consistent praise for excellent bedside manner.
Prepared animals for surgical procedures.
Assisted veterinarian during surgery and other procedures.
Began seeing and working with exotic animals.

Bachelor of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology, 05/2006
Daceville University, Daceville, VA