Free Traditional Banking Resume Template

In the banking industry, taking the time to craft a traditional resume can make the difference between getting hired or getting passed over for the job. Using traditional resume templates such as this one is a great way to start the writing process. Traditional resumes are beneficial because they look professional, yet they are fairly simple to write. It is best to use this type of resume if you are applying to an old-fashioned, somewhat conservative company. After looking over the following template, don’t hesitate to employ the tips listed with it.

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What to Include in a Traditional Banking Resume

When writing a traditional banking resume, refrain from using overly complex or juvenile language. A strong emphasis should be placed on your customer service skills, work history, and professional achievements. It is important to be concise but descriptive at the same time. When choosing the right words for your resume, be sure to use action-oriented language that attracts the attention of the reader, but avoid unique or unusual vocabulary that may give the wrong impression.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Forgetting to Proofread: Before submitting your resume, always take extra time to look it over and correct any misspelled or improperly used words. Be sure that your sentences are correctly punctuated and structured.
  • Adding Personal Information: You may be asked questions about your hobbies, talents, or interests during an interview, but you should only reference them in your resume if they are related to the job you are applying to. Please avoid including information about your favorite sports team or political views.
  • Writing Too Much: Unless you work in certain industries, it is always a good idea to limit your resume to under two pages.
  • Dishonesty: Only provide true and accurate information on your resume. Employers place a great deal of value on honesty and integrity.

Resume Content
Ryan Jones
5412 Hawthorne Drive, Richmond, VA 11111
555-203 -9122
Motivated and experienced commercial banker ready to employ financial skills in a new and challenging environment. Strong understanding of customer service and commercial banking practices and policies. Capable of working independently or assisting tellers. Prepared to assume a significant role in the banking industry and assist clients with choosing the proper financial products.
In-depth understanding of commercial and private banking practices.
Strong customer service background and dedication to clients.
Performs frequent research on current financial market and economy.
Experience performing financial transactions and handling large sums of money.
Knowledge of the loan approval process.
Capable of advising clients on important financial issues.
Increased loan numbers by 12% over a three month period.
5/1/2014 ? Current
Senior Bank Supervisor
Bridgewater National Bank ? Richmond, VA
Suggest credit cards and loans to customers.
Review loan applications and report decisions to headquarters.
Assist clients with the choosing of financial products and setting financial goals.
Explain credit decisions in person and over the phone.
Open new bank accounts for companies and individuals.
Ensure that customers develop a professional image of the bank.
October 2011 ? 3/1/2014
Loan Officer
Green Banking & Financial Services ? Richmond, VA
Performed credit checks on individuals applying for loans.
Met with mortgage and home equity loan applicants.
Promoted commercial and private banking products.
Discussed loan decisions in meetings with clients.
Trained entry-level loan officers.

2/1/2005 ? 9/1/2011
Assistant Payroll Accountant
Haverford Financial Services Incorporated ? Fairfax, VA
Kept detailed records of company expenses with 100% accuracy.
Performed accounts payable services.
Notified senior executives of unusual trends or changes.
Prepared list of over 1200 various financial transactions.
Updated and organized electronic financial records.
Successfully managed payroll for team of 57 employees.
Bachelor of Science in Finance (2003)
Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA