Free Traditional Camp Counselor Resume Template

A traditional resume template is used by most job seekers and preferred by many employers. As opposed to more professional or creative styles, the traditional template provides information in a standard format and is best used for mid-level positions. Crafting a quality camp counselor resume is an important step toward getting the job you want. Our resume-creation tips can help you build a resume that will attract potential employers and help you stand out from other applicants.

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What to Include in a Traditional Camp Counselor Resume

Traditional resumes are very standard and by the book. Avoid being too relaxed in your language, and make sure each word of your resume is specific and concrete. Potential employers will want to know about your skills, education and unique qualities, so you’ll want to cover all these bases when writing your resume.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Using Gimmicks: A resume should focus on content because that is what a potential employer will be most interested in. For this reason, avoid any distracting elements, such as colored paper or strange fonts.
  • Listing Employment Information out of Order: For your employment section, list your most current job first, and then list others in reverse chronological order. Unless you don’t have much work experience, leave off jobs that aren’t related to the one you’re applying for. For instance, if you’re applying for a job as an office supervisor and have other office experience, don’t list an entry-level retail sales position.
  • Avoid Listing Hobbies: Unless you don’t have any work experience, don’t list any hobbies on your resume. Sometimes hobbies can be helpful to list if they relate to the job you’re applying for.
  • Don’t Make Your Resume Too Long: Most resumes should be limited to one page. Certain exceptions apply, such as upper level government positions, professorships or any position that asks for a curriculum vitae.

Resume Content
Ingrid Riley
562 Wayward Place, Castaic, CA 11111
Energetic and motivational camp counselor with four years of experience helping youth work together and build lasting memories. Good listener who is able to help campers open up and express vulnerability. Looking for position at a positive summer camp that fosters unity and believes in the importance of youth empowerment.
Strong interpersonal skills
Strict adherence to codes of conduct and confidentiality
Ability to think outside the box and make adjustments as needed
Experience leading large and small groups to promote teamwork
Training in CPR, first aid and allergy response
Office work expertise
Background in psychology and sociology
Current Live Scan clearance
Camp Counselor
6/1/2015 ? 8/1/2015
Sunshine Camp ? Los Angeles, CA
Worked with at-risk youth at state-funded camp to promote self-esteem and foster teamwork.
Oversaw 10 youth and actively participated in their progress.
Led activities among my team and alongside other teams.
Supervised youth during meals and broke up any aggressive arguments.
Led discussions in which campers were encouraged to open up about difficulties at home and school.
Maintained thorough records of each camper to submit to the head of the program at the end of the camp session.

Camp Assistant
6/1/2014 ? 8/1/2014
Camp Caraway ? San Diego, CA
Assisted counselors in overseeing campers for life-skills training.
Stepped in as substitute whenever a counselor was sick.
Participated in activities alongside both campers and counselors.
Helped campers who needed extra assistance.
Acted as a leader for four campers within the program.
Took formal session notes during trainings and feedback sessions.
Ensured campers got up and dressed each morning on time.
Brought concerns and suggestions to camp counselors when appropriate.

Associate of Arts in Psychology
Caraway College, San Diego, CA