Free Traditional Case Manager Resume Template

Creating a strong resume is one of the most important steps towards success in today’s job market. In addition to presenting all relevant credentials and experience, you need to ensure that your resume’s tone is tailored individually to each employer. When applying for a case manager position with an established, traditional company, you want to present a traditional resume that demonstrates that you will fit into the workplace culture. To get started, review the free traditional case manager resume sample that is provided below along with some writing advice.

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What to Include in a Traditional Case Manager Resume

Established healthcare employers typically want to see case manager candidates with demonstrated organizational and communication skills. Be sure that you include all relevant experience and qualifications. As this is not an entry level position, it is unlikely that you are a recent graduate. As such, it is not appropriate to include older positions you may have had during college. You should also include educational and licensing credentials that are relevant.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Disorganized Information: List your experiences and accomplishments in an order that is easy to understand.
  • Lack of Adequate Spacing: To present a visually appealing and clear resume, use spacing to separate the various sections and keep your page from looking crowded and messy.
  • Excessive Length: If your resume is over one page long, you should take the time to evaluate whether you have included unnecessary information or redundant language. Paring your resume down to a proper length will also help you distill your information into clear, concise points.
  • Inappropriate Informality: A traditional case manager resume should use professional, formal language. Avoid slang, colloquialisms and contractions.
  • Unprofessional Fonts: The visual appearance of your resume speaks for your professionalism as much as the words you use. Use an easy-to-read, professional font that does not distract from the substance of your resume.
  • Vagueness: It is not enough to just list the professional attributes that you think make you a good candidate. Frame your qualifications so as to demonstrate how they help you perform your job duties. For example, instead of just calling yourself a good communicator, be sure to state that you used your communication skills to advocate for patients and communicate with medical providers.

Resume Content
Vera Smith
2378 Maple Way, Pleasantville, AZ 11111
Skilled clinician and able administrator with extensive experience in case management. Set up and monitored treatment programs in coordination with team of medical providers. Designed and implemented patient education programs to improve long-term treatment results. Monitored expenses and recommended cost-cutting measures to management. Communicated with treatment team, patients and patients’ family members to coordinate treatment and provide support. Searching for a case manager position with an established healthcare provider.
Highly organized
Excellent communicator
Financial data analysis
Attention to detail
Conflict resolution
Nurse Case Manager
4/1/2011 ? Current
Pleasantville Therapeutic Rehabilitation Center ? Pleasantville, AZ
Review new clients’ records.
Design and implement individual treatment plans in coordination with therapeutic team.
Coordinate patient services and resources.
Monitor patient progress and adjust plan as needed.
Advocate for patients’ treatment needs.
Ensure best practices are followed throughout treatment.
Coordinate patient discharge requirements.
Educate patients and their families to optimize treatment outcomes.
Monitor expenses.
Identify and recommend cost-cutting measures.
Maintain client records.

Assistant Case Manager
2/1/2005 ? 3/1/2011
Desert Institute for Rehabilitation Outpatient Services ? Tempe, AZ•Maintained and updated patient records.•Coordinated patient services.•Established and updated patient routines and service schedules.•Provided personal support to patients and their families.•Researched materials to be used for patient education.
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
RN License in AZ