Free Traditional Chemist Resume Template

If you are interested in the research side of chemistry and related sciences, a job as a chemist is probably what you are looking for. A good resume is essential to landing this job at your chosen laboratory or research institute. We have provided a free traditional resume template that is ideal for applying for positions at prestigious institutions that are a little on the conservative side in their hiring choices. Make adjustments to each section as needed to tailor it to your specific accomplishments and history. For more information on crafting the perfect resume, read the accompanying tips that follow the resume.

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What to Include in a Traditional Chemist Resume

A traditional chemist resume ought to showcase that you are qualified for the position while also presenting a relatively conservative and reserved face. Use traditional phrasing and straightforward vernacular when crafting a resume of this type. The focus should be on your accomplishments and experience rather than on an excess of personality.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

When crafting your resume, make sure you don’t succumb to any of these common pitfalls:

  • Keep your resume short. Resumes for most jobs should be as close as possible to one full page in length without going over. If your resume is a few lines too long, change formatting and fonts as needed, but make sure that the document is still well organized and readable.
  • Be honest. Never exaggerate your accomplishment on your resume, and always ensure that things like dates of employment are accurate. Even an honest mistake can easily land your application on the rejection pile.
  • Choose the right format. In general, PDF format is the preferred format for resumes, since this ensures the document can be read on a variety of different computers. However, if the employer expresses a preference or provides special instructions for the formatting of your resume, make sure you adhere to them.
  • Highlight your most important skills. This may require you to carefully read the job description and tailor your resume to it. Place the most important or relevant skills at the top of your resume in a designated Highlights section, and mention them again if relevant in your employment history.

Resume Content
Jane Smith
12345 Main St., Happytown, CA 99999
Dedicated, research-oriented chemist boasting a combination of excellent academic credentials and diverse work experience. Employed by some of the top labs in the country, performing extensive field work collecting samples and monitoring environmental populations. Background in manufacturing compounds and quality control, with experience ensuring that industrial materials are safe and efficient for heavy use.
Extensive experience in the area of heavy industry
Fieldwork experience at construction and industrial sites
Comfortable working in labs with cutting-edge equipment
Led groups of associate chemists during experiments
5/1/2012 ? Present
ABC Heavy Metals, Inc. ? San Francisco, CA
Serve as team leader for associate chemists and lab assistants
Oversee multimillion dollar contract with major industrial equipment supplier
Analyze finished products and samples for quality control purposes
Operate and maintain laboratory equipment
Order new equipment and take inventory of existing materials
Gain experience with inductively coupled plasma, high-performance liquid chromatography, and gas chromatography systems

Field Chemist
12/1/2008 ? 3/1/2012
Outdoor Chemistry Co. ? Seattle, WA
Took and analyzed samples from construction sites
Tested for moisture, pH and consistency
Maintained a field lab
Wrote and submitted regular reports in a timely manner
Helped develop cost-effective solutions for potential environmental pollutant issues

Master of Science in Chemistry
State University, Los Angeles, CA
Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
Washington University, San Diego, CA