Free Traditional Chief Executive Officer Resume Template

If you are applying to a traditional or old-fashioned company, you will certainly need a strong traditional style resume if you want to get hired. If you are having difficulty writing your own resume, looking over a traditional style resume template, such as the one below, can provide you with some inspiration. Luckily for jobseekers, this resume style does not require much creativity, but unlike other styles, you will need to employ a very formal format. After examining the chief executive officer resume template below, remember to read the accompanying tips to gain a deeper understanding of the writing process.

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What to Include in a Traditional Chief Executive Officer Banking Resume

When writing a traditional resume, one should remember to stick with a classic, easy-to-understand resume format. You will want to use formal language and avoid showing off too much of your personality. Of course, your professional experience, goals, and career plans should be taken into consideration, but in general, you should keep your traditional style resume as plain as possible. A traditional resume must contain certain sections, or you run the risk of alienating the reader. These sections should be neatly and chronologically organized in an appealing manner. Be sure to include information about your career highlights, job history, education, and contact information. If you employ these simple tips, your traditional resume will stand out from the crowd and land you the job you’ve always dreamed of.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Failing to Mention Results: If you forget to discuss the outcomes of your actions, your resume will seem boring and flat. No one wants to be viewed as having a lack of ambition or personality; by discussing the tangible results that you achieved, the reader will develop a strong picture of your leadership skills and ingenuity. This is extremely important when writing a traditional resume.
  • Not Proofreading: A resume that is riddled with basic grammatical errors and misspelled words will certainly be passed over. Proofread your resume before submitting it, and be sure that you used professional-sounding language. Remember, you are applying to a company that places a high emphasis on traditional values, such as proper grammar.
  • Unclear Focus: Unfocused, rambling resumes are not attractive, so remember to remain focused when writing. Keep details in sequential order, and only include information that is relevant to your job.
  • Disclosing Your Reasons for Leaving: Never discuss your reasons for leaving a past or current job. If your interviewer wants this information, allow him or her to ask for it in person.

Resume Content
Kelly Andrews
3177 Newcastle Court, Stamford, CT 11111
Driven and accomplished executive with extensive experience in the financial sector. Oversee product development, finance, and accounting departments on a daily basis. Fully dedicated to achieving results and fostering communication and cooperation between employees. Tracked sales and held quarterly company meetings to discuss various issues. Proven history of exceptional work and human resource management skills. Prepared to assume a similar executive role in the finance or marketing industries.
Sales forecasting
Proven leader
Company restructuring and downsizing
Marketing management
Strong communication
Partnership development
Contract negotiation
Budget creation and implementation
Production oversight
Chief Executive Officer
Lane Financial Solutions ? Greenwich, CT
11/1/2001 ? Present

Develop strong relationships with high-net-worth investors.
Oversee midsize team of accountants, investment bankers, and administrative professionals.
Assist company president and other executives with budget development.
Approve of marketing campaigns prior to launch.
Travel to international locations to discuss opportunities with new clients.
Perform evaluations of midlevel and senior employees; provide feedback on ways to improve.
Implemented multifaceted financial strategy that increased company revenue by 14% in four months.
Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance – Georgetown University
Bachelor of Science in Philosophy – University of Connecticut