Free Traditional Dancer Resume Template

As a dancer, you’re probably spending most of your time working on your audition piece, but to start off on the right foot, you’ll need an outstanding resume. A traditional resume is a great option when your potential employer is an older or conventional organization. Alternatively, if you aren’t quite sure what the company’s atmosphere is, you won’t go wrong with this resume option. Stick with strong active verbs and leave your thesaurus on the shelf. Read on to get a feel for the traditional resume.

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What to Include in a Traditional Dancer Resume

With this resume sample, you really want to highlight the most compelling professional merits and skills you have. Focus on providing relevant information and use a confident tone to describe your experiences. As a dancer, you’ll certainly want to include the above information as a bare minimum. However, you may find it is relevant for you to include an achievements section or add another section. As long as the information is highly relevant, feel free to modify the model above.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Careless Typos: Misspelled words and missing periods might be accidental, but they can detract from your resume’s validity. Proofread carefully to avoid these small mistakes and send your resume off with confidence.
  • Negativity: Keep a positive tone throughout your resume. Any negative feelings you may have about past positions or experiences should not be woven into your resume. Highlight the best parts of professional merit instead.
  • Dishonesty: Be completely honest about where you’ve trained, the length of your training and past work experiences. State your abilities with accuracy to ensure you are hired for a position that best fits you.
  • No Bullets: Bullet points are the best way to organize any jam-packed resume. They allow for easy reading of your document, making it more accessible.
  • Lack of Keywords: Think about what a potential employer might enter into a job database search bar when looking for employees. Include these keywords in your resume to increase your chances of being found.
  • Length: Resumes should be one page long. If you have a particularly long career, a two-page resume may be great for you. Otherwise, limit yourself to one page.

Resume Content
Janice Rowdy
1220 Pink Rose Lane, Sanford, FL 11111
Dedicated Dance Instructor with extensive personal training in a variety of styles and five years of experience teaching dance at the university level. Strong ability to lead a classroom and break down difficult tasks for students of all levels. Seeking employment in university environment motivated to help students succeed.
Hip Hop
Latin Ballroom Dance
Dance Instructor
1/1/2011 ? 1/1/2016
Tweed College of the Arts ? Tweed, MI
Designed daily lessons to meet curriculum standards for students of all levels.
Recorded attendance and maintained appropriate records.
Choreographed dances for class practice and student exhibitions.
Taught basics of choreography to advanced dance students.

Contemporary Ballet Dancer
1/1/2007 ? 12/1/2010
ABC Ballet Company ? Maple, MI
Learned six to eight full shows per year.
Aided head choreographer in creating dances and teaching them to dance company members.
Traveled and performed with company during performance seasons.
Led group and section practices while head choreographer relayed choreography to other groups and sections.
Danced as a principle for last year with the company.

Ballet Dancer
1/1/2002 ? 12/1/2006
123 Ballet Company ? Pine, MI
Danced in the choir for four to six shows in a year.
Traveled as needed with the company during performance season.
Maintained neat and orderly dance rooms for the company.
Attended required choreography instructional sessions.
Bachelors in Dance and Fine Arts
Michigan University of Performing Arts, Tallulah, MI