Free Traditional Digital Marketing Manager Resume Template

If you want to maximize your job search, crafting an outstanding resume is your first step. Looking over our traditional Digital Marketing Manager resume will give you a clear idea of how you should build your own. Using a traditional template is most useful when you are applying for a marketing position at an established and/or old-fashioned company. With this type of resume, keep your language simple and to the point. Review these tips to understand more about this style.

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What to Include in a Traditional Digital Marketing Manager Resume

First, write your resume with confidence and fully take on a traditional and professional tone. Don’t try to get creative with your phrases or word choices for this resume option. Instead, focus on carefully highlighting your experience and areas of expertise, as these are likely top considerations for a traditionally minded company. Be sure to include the basic sections listed above, because they relate relevant information about your professional merits and working attitude.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid


  • Including Hobbies: On any resume, hobbies are irrelevant. Employers prefer to read about field and professional experience.
  • Using Filler: It can be tempting to add a few extra lines just to fill out a page, but avoid this tendency. Use only important and relevant information.
  • Dishonesty: Even if you were only one class away from completing a double major, don’t list it. You never know when an employer will ask for confirmation or ask you to deliver on a project outside your skill set.
  • Lack of Bullets: Most resumes are read in just a few seconds, so use bullets to make yours easier to scan. Plus, you maximize the amount of information you can put in the space.
  • No Industry Keywords: Many employers use resume databases like employees use job databases. Hone in on the keywords they might use to find a professional like you.
  • Resume Content
    Rachel Garcia
    1700 Poplar Plaza, Pleasant Valley, MA 11111
    Motivated and experienced Digital Marketing Manager with a meticulous attention to detail and developed creative skill set. Strong leader capable of managing large team in corporate and start-up environments. Seeking opportunity to work in a challenging setting with opportunity for advancement.
    Revamped Yelp and Amazon review presences, leading to viewer base expansion of 10 percent in the first year
    Experience with Photoshop and UI design
    Familiar with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
    Outstanding communication skills
    Digital Marketing Manager
    6/1/2014 ? 1/1/2016
    Northeastern Real Estate Incorporated ? Boston, MA
    Oversaw 15-person marketing team and report to Marketing Department Chair.
    Expanded viewership by at least 5,000 every six months.
    Collaborated with team to create and implement effective marketing campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
    Maintained up-to-date knowledge on social media and online marketing trends.
    Advised Marketing Department Chair regarding company’s overall image, brand and audience engagement goals.
    Implemented Yelp revamp to restore company reputation and accurately reflect majority client experience.

    Digital Marketing Consultant
    5/1/2010 ? 11/1/2013
    Baser Marketing International ? New York, NY
    Advised international businesses regarding adjustments made for communities and consumers abroad.
    Collaborated with client’s marketing teams to adequately adjust messages and designs for new markets.
    Negotiated contract stipulations including project completion dates and proper fees.
    Trained entry-level consultants in negotiation and marketing tactics.
    Actively attended industry events to build professional and company networks.
    Assessed the demands of the client and implemented marketing plans around those requests and needs.
    Continually engaged new clients to work with the company and frequently secured retainers from important international corporations and other private clients.
    Master of Advertising
    New York University, New York City, NY
    Bachelor of Communications
    New York University, New York City, NY