Free Traditional Fashion Assistant Buyer Resume Template

Even in a creative field like fashion, many companies want to hire more traditional candidates. In these cases, a traditional resume that plainly and clearly states your qualifications is probably the best choice. While some types of resumes may be a little freer in how they are written, traditional resumes should stay by the book and not get too creative or off the wall. Below is a sample of possible organizations and approaches that you can use when creating a traditional resume of your own. You can use the template and advice to get together some ideas about how to position your experience and education as well as help you avoid common resume mistakes.

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What to Include in a Traditional Fashion Assistant Buyer Resume

Writing a traditional resume is different from any other kind of resume. Remember to be thorough but not overly wordy when describing your skills, experience and education. Pay close attention to word choice and make sure you are describing situations accurately without being exaggerated or flowery. Because the point of a traditional resume is to convey information in the simplest way possible, you should include relevant sections like your contact information, highlights of your experience, job history and education history, but there is no need to go in depth about personal details of your life.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Getting Too Crazy With Fonts: Traditional employers may find it silly and unnecessary if you use multiple fonts. Stick to a generally acceptable font like Calibri or Times New Roman, and avoid fonts that are too small, too large or too hard to read.
  • Missing Obvious Errors: Obvious typos are never acceptable on any type of resume, and especially not on a traditional resume. Make sure that, in addition to the rest of your document, prominent sections like your contact information and headers are free from errors. These sections will stand out to a potential employer and errors here can look as though you didn’t proofread your resume at all.
  • Leaving Gaps on Your Resume With No Explanation: Often people will have a gap in employment, whether it was to deal with a family issue, travel the world, go back to school or another reason. While there is nothing innately wrong with having a gap in employment, you should probably explain it on your resume.
  • Including Education Information From Too Far Back: While employers will be interested in your postsecondary education, they do not need to know about your high school jobs, unless you are a very young job applicant. Only include recent and applicable education information.

Resume Content
Dean Farris
8756 W. Farthing Circle, Mastif, CT 11111
Trained fashion professional with a strong knowledge of high-end men’s clothing. Cost-conscious and reliable with the ability to make decisions that consider the best interests of the retail brand and its customers. Seeking employment with an established retailer of luxury men’s clothing and accessories for long-term employment.
Strong work ethic
Experience making cost-conscious decisions
Extensive knowledge of men’s fashion trends
Discerning eye for styles that will draw customers
Fashion Buying Assistant
6/1/2013 ? Current
Mastif Fine Men’s Clothing ? Mastif, CT
Compile information on key fashion vendors
Build relationships with fashion vendors
Report to Senior Buyers on current fashion trends
Assist in scheduling appointments for Senior Buyers

Retail Clerk/Sales Associate
4/1/2010 ? 6/1/2013
Mastif Apparel Company ? Mastif, CT
Represented the store as a serious, fashion-conscious professional
Upsold customers to purchase 30% more in accessories
Maintained high levels of customer satisfaction
Collaborated well with other team members
Controlled store key access and managed other team member schedules

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design
Wheathville College, Wheathville, IA