Free Traditional Foreign Language Teacher Resume Template

A strong traditional resume can serve as an all-purpose resume in the teaching profession. The overall professional tone typically suits the academic realm. In particular, if you are applying to a school that prides itself on tradition or honoring heritage, the traditional foreign language teacher resume is ideal. To gain a deeper understanding of this resume type, read over the traditional resume template below.

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What to Include in a Traditional Foreign Language Teacher Resume

The traditional resume is a classic. You should use professional language that isn’t particularly grandiose and a template design that matches the overall traditional field. Here, you really want to let your experiences and skills shine. Remember, your skills and expertise will ultimately get you the interview you want. Include the sections in the example as a baseline of what is needed. If you feel you need another section, add it in and make sure its relevant to the position and employer.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Lack of Bullets: Bullet points are essential to the organization of a resume. They make your resume easier to scan and read quickly while economizing space.
  • No Keywords: Include the keywords hiring managers and employers would use to find ideal employees. This will help your resume pop up in database searches.
  • Including References: Your references should be kept in a separate document. Only give your employer your references if you are specifically asked.
  • Typos: A small typo like a misspelled or misused word can put a big wrench in your resume. Always proofread your resume twice before sending it off.
  • Too Many Pages: Your resume should be one page. For longer careers, you can use up to two pages, but one is the recommended length.
  • Unnecessary Information: Hobbies and personal interests should not be found on your resume. Additionally, if you have a particularly extensive career, you can leave older jobs off of your resume.

Resume Content
Jack Turner
1411 Wilshire Road, Tall Town, MD 11111
Enthusiastic and experienced foreign language teacher with full fluency in Latin and Greek and 15 years of teaching experience. Foreign language teacher specialized in aiding students through tough learning periods and achieving academic success. Seeking full-time teaching position in Latin and/or Greek at a dedicated educational facility.
Extremely patient
Experience in interactive classroom environments
Quality teacher-parent relationships
Compassion, effective discipline
Innovative teaching methods
Latin and Greek Teacher
8/1/2012 ? 7/1/2016
St. Margret’s Preparatory School ? Tall Town, MD
Collaborated with parents of struggling students to provide extra help and tutoring.
Introduced online language applications and games to the classroom to improve vocabulary retention.
Provided lively and interactive classroom environment to encourage oral practice and improve conversational speech.
Incorporated recent fictional works and songs into translations to expose students to broader vocabularies.

Latin and Greek Teacher
7/1/2009 ? 7/1/2012
Jason Charter High School ? Teach advanced Latin and Greek course to juniors, seniors and occasionally advanced younger students.
Advised the student leaders of the Latin and Greek clubs along with a fellow Latin teacher.
Worked with foreign language department to implement new learning technologies to revive student interest and better prepare them academically.
Encouraged conversational practice during classroom exercises with innovative oral exercises depicting common situations.

Latin and Greek Teacher
9/1/2007 ? 7/1/2009
Maryland Day Academy ? Wilshire, MD
Implement wide range of teaching methods to ensure language retention and academic success.
Analyzed each student’s learning style and adjusted my teaching methods accordingly.
Coordinated Latin and Greek clubs for planned events and an annual trip related to the culture and language.
Collaborated with department chair and fellow foreign language teachers to evaluate and improve curriculum.
Bachelor of Science in Foreign Language
Abernathy College, North Chester, MD