Free Traditional General Manager Resume Template

The information on your resume lets employers know whether you have the proper qualifications, and the manner in which you present that information tells them if you have the right personality. If you are looking for a general manager position with an established, traditional-minded company, you need to be sure your resume sets the correct tone. Take a look at the following traditional general manager resume template to get a good idea of the desired presentation for this specific type of business. The included resume tips offer valuable principles to follow when crafting your resume.

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What to Include in a Traditional General Manager Resume

If you are applying for a general manager position with a conservative, traditional employer, review your resume to make sure its tone is appropriate. You want to show potential employers that your demeanor will fit in with the workplace culture. Be sure to include necessary information, such as your contact information, your previous work experience and relevant education. Use tried-and-true formulations; now is not the time for hip language or creative turns of phrase. A lack of formality will create the wrong impression for this type of employer, conveying insufficient seriousness. The wrong tone also makes employers think you failed to research the company before you sent your resume.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Informality and Slang: Your target audience is expecting a formal and professionally-presented document. Informal language will likely convince employers that you are the wrong candidate. In addition, do not neglect to proofread your resume several times to ensure a lack of typos and spelling errors.
  • Personal Information: It is not considered appropriate to include your hobbies and family status on a traditional resume. The only potential exception is a hobby in which you are highly proficient and is relevant to your employment.
  • Vagueness: List specific experiences and skills to let hiring managers get an accurate picture of your abilities.
  • Copying and Pasting: Whether you are drafting your resume based on a previous one, or using professionally created templates, remember to tailor your resume to the specific position for which you are applying.
  • Failing to Research: Read up on the company and the position as you fine-tune your resume. Doing so will help you hit the right note and include the information you need to convince a potential employer that you are a good fit.
  • Lack of Organization: To be effective, your qualifications must be presented in a neat, organized fashion. You want the most important parts to stand out right away so that busy employers do not end up skipping over it.

Resume Content
Nat Whilk
1234 Oakside Drive, Arkham, RI 11111
Highly motivated and organized general manager with proven record of heading consistently highly productive teams. Streamlined work processes to increase efficiency and eliminate waste. Motivated team members to optimize performance. Strong client communication skills. Solution-oriented approach combined with ability to identify, prioritize and achieve goals. In search of a managerial position with the opportunity to use skills and knowledge to contribute to the success of a reputable company.
Business improvement initiatives
Project management
Finance management
Management and integration of cross-functional teams
Employee development and relations
Client relations
Budget oversight
Efficient problem solutions
Excellent communication and leadership skills
General Manager
6/1/2000 ? Current
ABC Industries ? Arkham, RI
Design and implement optimized operational processes
Coordinate training and employee development
Provide employee performance feedback
Monitor and enforce compliance with best practices, health and safety regulations
Implement and monitor quality controls for production
Develop and maintain relationships with clients, suppliers and industry contacts
Direct and coordinate the operations of business departments
Analyze data and documentation
Oversee scheduling and deadlines for department projects
Mountainview Business School, Mountainview, CABSc in Business Operations
Mountainview College, Mountainview, CA