Free Traditional In House Lawyer Resume Template

In the legal industry, a strong traditional resume can take you from your first job out of law school to sitting at the table with some of the most successful professionals in your area. Unfortunately, even if you have the most experience with the greatest educational background, it isn’t always so easy to craft a resume from scratch. Consulting a traditional resume template can be an excellent starting point from which you can shape your own experiences and make them work for you, even if you are relatively new to law. Study the following tips to gain a better understanding of how to create a strong, focused traditional resume.

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What to Include in a Traditional In House Lawyer Resume

When crafting a traditional in house lawyer resume, you should be prepared to let your skills and experience speak for you. List your accomplishments and education, but do not try to embellish them to make them seem like more than they are, because the person reviewing your resume will be able to easily tell. Remember, your experience, career path and even the job you are applying for all impact how you should approach creating this type of resume. Additionally, be sure to include your education, experience and a short summary in your traditional resume for serious consideration.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Dishonesty – Being dishonest in any professional endeavor can only lead to trouble. It can also set you up for failure if you are lying and do not have the skills required by a new boss.
  • Overlooking Typos – If your resume has even one error in it, you may be taken out of the running. Attorneys write for a living and must be confident and competent in their writing in order to be effective.
  • Rehashing the Past – Bringing up past grievances with former coworkers or bosses is extremely unprofessional and has no place in the hiring process.
  • Oversharing – Don’t feel like you need to include every last detail of your life. Keep your points strong and focused, and your resume to no more than one page.

Resume Content
Jason Lee
1234 Elias Way, Leighston, CA 11111
Seasoned corporate law specialist with 10 years of experience in advocating, negotiating and providing expert counsel to clients dealing with a broad range of issues. Demonstrated expertise in various legal specialties common to the corporate world including employment law, business operations, contracts, and regulatory compliance. Acted as a leadership figure for internal and external teams while dealing with complex legal issues.
Licensed with the California Bar since 2006.
Maintain all communication with governmental agencies and influential groups, including the California attorney general, the Better Business Bureau and local business associations.
Conduct extensive legal research on contracts, intellectual property, labor and employment.
Represent clients’ interests in civil litigation during employment disputes and breach of contract cases.
Handle mergers and acquisitions.
Draft business documents, including leases, mortgages, contracts and closing documents.
Corporate Attorney
2010 ? Present
McGuinniss, Claybourne, Rockwell & Dewey ? Rockville, CA
Ensure employee compliance with federal and state regulations.
Represent clients in employee unemployment eligibility matters, sexual harassment claims, and against accusations of improper hiring practices.
Review and draft contracts, including employment, non-compete, non-disclosure agreements and leases.
Corporate Attorney, 2006-2010Hollis, Merner & Wills, Jericho, CA
Managed a caseload of an average of 40 matters at a time.
Maintained corporate documents and filings with the Secretary of State for all corporate accounts.
Assisted in the drafting of Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and other incorporating documents.
Negotiated settlement agreements with success.
Maintained investor relationships by resolving their concerns.
Juris Doctorate
Stanford University, Stanford, CA
Bachelor of Arts, Political Science
University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA