Free Traditional Logistics Coordinator Resume Template

The resume is one of the most important parts of searching for work and will likely be the aspect that catches the eye of employers. You can improve your chances of being considered for a position by choosing a resume style that matches the job you are applying for. Traditional resumes are standard and are best for older or more customary companies. This kind of resume may not be very elaborate, but it paints the applicant in a very professional light. Consult the sample traditional resume template to see this kind of writing in action.

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What to Include in a Traditional Logistics Coordinator Resume

Your resume should always include a section dedicated to your skills, work experience, and education. Additionally, be sure to include a summary that serves as an introduction, but does not list your career goals. The experience section is usually the most important, especially when writing a traditional resume, although you can still create a strong representation of yourself by including good information in the other sections. You should analyze what aspects the specific job you are applying for prioritize and craft your resume accordingly.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Writing a Passive Resume: The traditional style may seem mild at times, but every resume, no matter what style it is written in, should always be active. One of the best practices is to make a point of starting each bullet point in your experience section with an action verb.
  • Diverting From the Standard Resume Format: This is an especially important mistake to avoid when writing a traditional resume. Many employers are expecting the sections to be in a certain format and order, and they may not even read your resume if it is different.
  • Exaggerating Your Skills, Attributes, and Experiences: Hiring managers have gotten quite good at spotting when the truth is being stretched, so you are not doing yourself any favors by exaggerating.
  • Making Your Resume Too Long: Unless your work history is more than 10 years and you cannot fit it on a single sheet, your resume should never use two pages.
  • Skip the Review Process: Always take the time to proofread your resume. It is not acceptable for any typographical errors to make it into the final version. Additionally, you should be identifying any instances of wasted space or intimidating, large blocks of text and making changes to improve the flow of your resume.

Resume Content
Caleb Bailer
82 Washington St., Kansas City, MO 11111
Effective manager with eight years experience in logistics and leadership. Proven record of reducing labor and resource costs while improving efficiency though strategic operations. Additional experience in sales and marketing.
Mastery over global logistics
Budget management experience
Knowledge of inventory control
Ability to coordinate vendors
AS/400 experience
Procurement knowledge
Logistics Coordination Manager
1/1/2012 ? Current
Limestone Distribution ? Lead logistical team and ensure efficient work
Improved efficiency by 9%
Manage and create schedule among multiple departments
Write weekly logistical reports and present statistics in regular meetings
Monitor work of lower employees
Guarantee timely deliveries from suppliers and provide point of contact
Manage inventory to ensure adequate stock
Coordinate outgoing delivery timing and destinations
Complete customs documents for international deliveries

Logistics Coordinator
10/1/2008 ? 12/1/2011
J.R. Manufacturing ? Contacted outside providers to negotiate contracts and attract new clients
Lead analytical project to determine the quality of logistical operations
Assigned carriers and dispatched multiple kinds of shipments
Collected and analyzed measurements of daily operations
Facilitated an output increase by more than 15%
Managed rush orders and personally tracked order changes on a consistent basis

Bachelor of Science – Supply Chain and Logistics Management
University of Missouri, Columbia, MO