Free Traditional Mechanic Resume Template

A traditional resume lays out the most important information for your prospective employer but avoids complicated expressions and information. Ideally you would create a unique resume for every application, but this format works well for career fairs and walk-in applications where the specific job roles are unknown to you. A traditional resume starts a conversation that you can taken in the direction you want. It stays on topic and avoids unnecessary complications.

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What to Include in a Traditional Mechanic Resume

A traditional resume should be easy to read and clearly organized. The basic information about your work history and education needs to be included, but you do not need many specific details. Your resume is designed to open a conversation with someone you meet face to face. Place the most impressive facts about your qualifications at the top. Demonstrate your skills by describing what you have done for other employers in the past.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Making Your Resume Too Long: It should fit all on one page and have margins that are about an inch wide all around. Make good use of white space, and break up the information so that it is convenient to read.
  • Using Too Many Words: Use simple language to describe yourself. Do not add too many adjectives or adverbs when talking about your achievements. Simple statements are direct and easy to remember.
  • Lying: Only make claims that you can support. Most hiring managers are able to tell when an applicant is being less than truthful. Even if you do get the job, they will discover right away that you are unable to perform the actual job role. This damages your credibility and can hurt your job search with other companies as well.
  • Using Cheap Tricks: Some applicants attempt to get noticed by to spicing things up with a fancy border on the paper or different colors of ink. These sorts of gimmicks are a distraction. They make employers think that you are desperate. Use only plain paper and fonts for your resume. The information is what is actually important; focus your efforts on that.
  • Using Slang or Uncommon Terminology: Your traditional resume has a much broader audience than one created for a specific job. Only use jargon if it is commonly used throughout the entire industry. The hiring manager at any company should understand what you are talking about. Avoid using acronyms or any kind of abbreviations that are unclear.

Resume Content
Glenn Whitman
239 Story Circle, Miltonville, VA 00000
(555) 232-9090
Certified diesel mechanic with advanced diagnostics skills and seven years of professional experience looking for new opportunities with a growing company.
ASE certified Master Medium-Heavy Truck Technician
ASE Certified Automotive Master Technician
Fully stocked with hand tools and basic equipment necessary for all common repairs
Organized approach to every repair job developed during work as a mobile repair expert
Excel at performing repairs in substandard working conditions
Diesel Maintenance Mechanic
9/1/2012 ? Present
City of Miltonville Transit Department ? Miltonville, VA
Perform routine maintenance on citywide fleet of trucks and equipment
Overhaul engines for portable generators
Remove and install marine engines for fleet of river patrol craft
Manage maintenance schedule for city emergency equipment
Respond to repair emergencies at remote locations
Recover downed equipment and increase work crew productivity

Apprentice Mobile Diesel Repair Mechanic
7/1/2009 ? 8/1/2012
Roadway Truck and Tire Company ? Miltonville, VA
Worked as apprentice for experienced mobile repair mechanic
Tire installation using cage and observing all safety protocols
Routine maintenance including oil changes, fluid flushes, and brake service jobs
Transported and disposed of hazardous waste and worn metal components

Diploma of Advanced Diesel Technology
WyoTech, Blairsville, PA