Free Medical Receptionist Traditional Resume Template

As one of the most important parts of the job application process, your resume is what earns you an interview, essentially getting your foot in the door. The very best resumes are written with the specific job in mind, changing the style to match the position and company. Traditional resumes paint the candidate in a professional light and are excellent options when applying with more standard or customary businesses. This kind of resume is also among the simplest. To learn how to create a traditional medical receptionist resume, review this writing guide.

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What to Include in a Medical Receptionist Traditional Resume

It is important that your resume includes a summary as well as a section for your skills, experience, and education. This is the standard format for resumes, so any traditional resume will follow this formula closely. Additionally, traditional companies will be looking for this organization of information. In fact, some hiring managers will not even bother to read a resume if it is too different from the standard. Remember to create a resume that is unique and specific to the job you are applying for. You should have this position in mind when writing and find a unique way to appeal directly to its responsibilities.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Including career goals in your summary: It used to be standard practice to describe your career goals at the beginning of your summary, but this is no longer true. It is now assumed that you desire to enter the field and gain experience, so be sure to describe your history and skills instead.
  • Failing to prioritize the experience section: The section that describes your work history is the most important and should include both the strongest and the most information. You should also be sure that this section is actively written by starting each bullet with a strong action verb.
  • Exaggerating the truth: Hiring managers have gotten quite talented at spotting when the truth is being stretched. It is simply not worth it to risk being caught exaggerating to make your resume slightly more appealing.
  • Writing too much or too little: It should be your goal for your resume to completely fill one page, but not extend onto a second page. Too little information will make it seem like you have little to offer and too much information will make it difficult to read.
  • Neglecting to review your resume: Always take the time to read over what you wrote to find the typographical errors and look for opportunities to improve or strengthen your resume. Failing to do so is only hurting your chances of being hired.

Resume Content
Amy Monroe
4965 Taft St, Tampa, FL 11111
Receptionist with attention to detail and dedication to providing excellent service interested in opportunity to apply extensive communication and service skills. Has work experience in administrative environment. Efficiently and quickly manage clients, organize papers, answer calls, and schedule appointments.
Friendly approach to reception
Customer service
Scheduling and management
Patient flow management
Patient confidentiality
1/1/2014 ? 6/1/2015
Johnson Marketing ? Greeted and assisted guests and clients that entered
Answered and directed phone calls
Coordinated manager schedules while making appointments
Managed office supply inventory
Placed orders to guarantee full stock
Verified appointments in advance
Facilitated daily administrative tasks such as filing and copywriting

Customer Service Representative
6/1/2012 ? 12/1/2013
Gerald’s Diner ? Welcomed guests consistently
Listened to guests carefully and consistently
Communicated effectively with customers
Managed inventory and received deliveries on a weekly basis
Performed minor scheduling responsibilities

Tampa High School – High School Diploma 2015
Tampa Florida
Bachelor of Science Candidate – Administration 2019
University of Florida, Gainesville, FL