Free Traditional Medical Sales Representative Resume Template

Drafting a dynamite resume puts you a step forward in your career search for medical sales representative positions. Reviewing our free medical sales representative resume template and guide helps you to know what to include to stand out from the competition. You can never go wrong with a traditional-style resume, since it is a widely accepted format. If you are unsure where to begin, review tips below for guidance.

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What to Include in a Traditional Medical Sales Representative Resume

When developing your medical sales representative resume, demonstrate your value to potential employers. Do this by tailoring your resume to the job position and company. Take time to consider your education and job experience and how this history applies to the job description on the posting. Keep the tone professional and utilize a thesaurus to help you find the right words and phrases to highlight your qualifications.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Including Your Hobbies: Unless a job specifically requests this information or it directly applies to the job, never include any of your hobbies.
  • Making It Too Long: It is best to keep your resume to just one page. If you have extensive job experience, you do not need to include details about jobs you held over 15 years ago.
  • Incorrect Grammar and Spelling: Any errors in your resume, including a typo or grammar mistake, will instantly get you into the reject pile.
  • Not Using Bullet Points: It is very typical for hiring managers to only spend a few seconds looking at each resume. Bullet points provide the information in a way that makes it easy for potential employers to skim your resume and still see the most pertinent information.

Resume Content
Mary Smith
568 Greenview Lane, Gainsville, GA 11111
Skilled medical sales representative with 15 years of experience in the medical field. Proficient in the latest medical equipment and pharmaceuticals. Passionate about matching customers with the medical tools they need to provide the best care to patients. Seeking an opportunity to work with an industry-leading medical equipment company.
Expanded market share for various pharmaceuticals by at least 20 percent per year
Developed strong relationships with primary care physicians and specialists to be allowed first access to promote new products
Masterful understanding of a variety of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Created a territory business plan that resulted in an increase in sales that exceeded goals by 50 percent
Solid knowledge of the cost issues practitioners face
Educated in disease processes and pathology as well as the traditional care and treatment for various disorders
Medical Sales Representative
4/1/2012 ? Current
Helpful Medical Services ? Gainesville, GA
Sell pharmaceutical products and medical devices to primary care physicians and hospitals.
Ranked number one sales representative in the region for 2014.
Develop new relationships and grow territory by 40 percent per year.
Oversaw the launch of two new drugs and one new line of medical equipment.
Analyze sales reports to determine weak areas and execute plans to grow business.
Organize in-house seminars to educate healthcare practitioners about the latest products.
Attend medical conferences to facilitate new relationships with medical professionals and potential medical equipment partners.
Provide excellent customer service including managing any potential problems with clients.

Medical Sales Representative
3/1/2006 ? 4/1/2012
PharmTools and Equipment ? Atlanta, GA
Sold and distributed medical equipment to local pharmacies, hospitals and doctor’s offices.
Increased Atlanta regional sales for the company by 50 percent in the first year.
Consistently developed new relationships with local medical facilities for additional business.
Trained new sales representative in the products and sales process.
Reconciled accounts and provided excellent customer service to clients.
Ranked nationally in the top 10 percent for medical equipment sales representatives.

Bachelor of Science in Biology
Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA