Free Traditional Project Manager Resume Template

When you are on the hunt for a job, one of the most crucial things you must do is to create a truly stand-out resume. By checking out this helpful project manager resume template in the traditional style, you can find some useful information on how to write a solid, attention-grabbing traditional resume. If you are applying for a project manager position in a very old-school, traditional company with long-established methods and customs, then producing a resume in this style is ideal. To get a feel for how this type of resume would look, read the following tips and examples.

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What to Include in a Traditional Project Manager Resume

When creating a traditional project manager resume, it is important that you show you are well qualified for the position though your skills and experience in a clear and simple way. With a traditional resume, the goal is to get your point across concisely and without mentioning unnecessary things. There is no need for creative language or flair. Showcase your talents through your experience and accomplishments and remember not to be wordy. A hiring manager will likely be looking to see if you are a good fit for the job in that particular company, so adjust your resume for the type of company you are applying for. By doing this, you can make your resume more attention-grabbing.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Errors: Sometimes it is easy to miss grammatical errors and typos. If your resume contains any type of errors, it may cause employers or hiring managers to draw negative conclusions about you. After your resume is complete, have someone check it and read it out loud to see if everything works.
  • Being Wordy: Your resume should be clear, concise and get right to the point. Emphasize the main details and do not include fluff.
  • Dishonesty: This is a mistake to avoid on all types of resumes. You should not lie about anything when it comes to securing a job. This includes exaggerations, too. Be honest about your experience and skills no matter what they are. Employers value honest employees because it says something about their character.
  • Negativity: Always convey confidence and positivity in your resume. Do not say bad things about other companies or previous employers.

Resume Content
Lucy Jones
1234 Oak Street, Cranberry, PA 11111
Self-motivated, goal-oriented project manager with 10 years of experience overseeing projects and guiding teams, offering good communication, technical and administrative skills. Seeking an opportunity to continue to successfully plan and direct projects and jobs with a reputable company.
Leadership abilities
Excellent time management skills
Knowledge of accounting and finance
Attention to detail
Organizational abilities
Great verbal and written communication skills
Ability to motivate others
Team player
Analytical skills
Budgeting and planning
Microsoft Office proficiency
Adept negotiator
Project Manager
6/1/2009 ? Current
Technology Corporation ? Cranberry, PA
Coordinate teams and resources to ensure all projects are carried out flawlessly.
Ensure the availability of resources and their proper allocation.
Use techniques and tools to measure productivity, efficiency and project performance.
Define project goals and objectives and convey them to the team.
Make sure projects are within budget.
Ensure timely delivery of projects.
Report to upper level management on the progress of projects.
Utilize risk management techniques to ensure project risks are properly minimized.

Project Coordinator
2/1/2005 ? 5/1/2009
Sky Industries ? Cranberry, PA
Coached and trained employees on the proper completion of projects.
Met cost standards consistently through the implementation of budget-friendly plans.
Complied with and exceeded quality and customer service standards.
Defined client goals and project guidelines.
Negotiated with suppliers for materials.
Handled planning and scheduling activities for projects.
Developed plans designed to monitor project progress.
Maintained documentation of projects.

Bachelor of Science in Business Management
Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA