Free Traditional Radio Host Resume Template

The first step towards landing your dream job as a radio host is creating a strong resume that presents you in the best possible light to prospective employers. Your resume should paint a clear picture of who you are along with your skills and qualifications, while at the same time not being too wordy. Crafting your resume in a traditional style may be your best option if you are planning on posting it to a job search website where multiple employers will see it. As you likely will know little about the company cultures and working environments of those who will see it there, it’s best to present your information in a more neutral tone. The accompanying tips and examples will give you a good idea of how to create this message.

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What to Include in a Traditional Radio Host Resume

As was mentioned earlier, a traditional resume is meant to be far-reaching, rather than focused on a specific company. Thus, the range of work that you have done should be emphasized as opposed to the exact details of your jobs. Keep your language concise and to the point, yet not so overly professional as to sound mechanical. Typically this style of resume represents your first contact with a company. Keeping all of your points general helps pique the interests of specific employers to find out more during the interview process.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Remember that you are speaking to a general audience. Therefore, avoid language that could alienate anyone.
  • Keep your resume brief. The chance to expound upon your skills and experience will come once you’ve been invited in for an interview.
  • Don’t go too far back in listing your experience. Only include that which is relevant to the position that you’re seeking.

Resume Content
Jeremy Johnson
789 Main Street, Tacoma, WA 11111
Radio host looking for on-air position in the Tacoma area. Five years of experience in co-hosting morning news show in major market. Two years of experience producing call-in show prior to first professional hosting job. Lead producer of afternoon request show for college-run radio station while in school, which led to internship with local radio station immediately after graduation. Interests include studying current cultural and entertainment news and trends. Hoping to find position that incorporates those interests.
Co-host of morning news hour that consistently led ratings in major media market
Covered several high-profile events by interviewing key participants
Member of broadcasting team voted #1 in the market by local listeners
Represented station at several national entertainment festivals and awards ceremonies
Oversaw all off-site production for mid-morning call in show before being promoted to host
Recognized by station management for expertise in remote broadcasting
Personally praised by several listeners for professionalism in fielding calls
Helped to coordinate production and show prep meetings in conjunction with on-air hosts
One of three recent graduates selected by local radio station to participate in internship program
Named Most Outstanding Student Producer by the communications faculty at alma mater
Morning Drive Time News Hour ? Denver, CO
2011 ? 2016

Worked with two different co-hosts, three lead producers during tenure
Covered several newsworthy topics, such as current events, social and political news, and entertainment and sports reports
Noted as being personable and well-spoken by listeners

Public Platform ? Denver, CO
2009 ? 2011
Hired as assistant producer, promoted to off-site coordinator within six months
Worked with several local business owners and civic leaders to arrange on-location events
Personally handled phone lines during final year on the job

WIDT ? College Station, TX
Helped with transportation and setup for on-location broadcasts
Attended national broadcasting conference with station staff
Worked one-on-one with station manager as part of mentor program
Bachelor in Communication
Smithville University, Smithville Texas