Free Traditional Research Associate Resume Template

Mastering the art of powerful resume creation is one of the best ways you can improve your marketability to employers. Although the rules regarding resume creation have changed throughout the years, traditional resume styles have not. Avoid being too creative or fancy with this document if you are applying to a traditional company. Our free traditional research associate resume template can guide you on how to draft a stellar CV.

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What to Include in a Traditional Research Associate Resume

Your traditional style research associate resume should establish that you are efficient and qualified for the position. All credentialing information should be stated concisely and in plain terms. Applying for a position at a company that exemplifies tradition means your CV should reflect that as well. Keep your wording concise, use professional language and avoid incorporating any information that does not pertain to the job or its duties.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Too Forthcoming With Information: Your resume is an extension of you. It allows you to get the attention of recruiters to sell your qualifications. Use your resume effectively by crafting it so that any information it contains is just enough and not too much. Remember, you only have a few seconds to impress potential employers, so make each word on your CV count.
  • Using Dates Improperly: Listing dates first and in improper chronological order will confuse recruiters and make it harder for them assess your experience. Make sure all dates are accurate and written so they present a clear timeline of your professional background.
  • Adding Controversial Information: Your skills, experience and qualifications are more than enough to get you noticed by job recruiters. However, adding information, such as your religion, beliefs, hobbies, veteran status, political party affiliation and other potentially controversial information is unprofessional and is also generally frowned upon.
  • Generic Information: Don’t make potential employers work hard to glean the information they want from your resume. If you have a specific set of skills or credentials, list them properly, include all pertinent data and be sure to keep all information that does not strengthen your candidacy for the position off your resume. Everything you put on this document should paint the best picture of your professional background and history.
  • Being Negative: No matter how you feel about any previous employers and situations, do not put anything negative on your resume. Bad talking former employers can keep you from getting the job you want.

Resume Content
Jill Weasley
675 Deville Way, Grahamsville, TX 11111
Motivated self-starter with experience in maintaining efficiency and productivity. Talented and highly driven team player with strong biology background in field research. Expertly identifies and designs solutions to scientific issues. Seeking challenging research associate position with a biology or life science company.
Strong laboratory math comprehension
Proficient in field research
Experience in automated liquid processing
Adept at report creation
Analytical and innovative collaborator
High ethical standards
Adheres to all safety and regulatory standards
Respects all quality assurance guidelines
Attentive to details
Impeccable research and documentation abilities
Laboratory Assistant
9/14/2016 ? Current
Vader Industries ? Empire, TX
Collect, analyze and document specimens, data and tissue cultures.
Test, calibrate and set up laboratory equipment.
Perform maintenance on laboratory equipment to ensure proper function.
Maintain meticulous records for all tests and experiments.
Research information to support tests and data.
Draft reports to support test information and research.
Assist team lead with research, discoveries and tests.
Complete applications for grants and other types of public funding.
Instruct students in the absence of professor and teaching assistant.
Supervise and assist lower-level team members in training and research.
Bachelor of Science in Life Science
Granada University, Grahamsville, TX