Free Traditional Sanitation Resume Template

Drafting a traditional resume is one of the first and one of the most important steps in landing the job you want. Consulting traditional resume templates can help you understand how to compose yours, and there is a sample available below. A traditional resume offers recruiters a straightforward view of your qualifications, and it’s best used when you’re applying to older and more established companies. Unlike creative or contemporary styles, it sticks to basics and avoids fussy language. Consider the following tips to get a grasp on how to draft the right resume for your needs.

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What to Include in a Traditional Sanitation Resume

When you’re crafting your traditional sanitation resume, you need to show recruiters that you possess the experience and skill necessary to take on the position. Rather than advertising qualifications with flair, however, stick to a straightforward approach that will present your resume’s contents in a simple and easy-to-read manner. This approach may seem simple, but it’s the best way to convey relevant information.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Speaking in Creative Language When It’s Unnecessary: As you craft a traditional resume, you can ignore any obligation to make it or its language unique. In fact, creative language can be distracting, and in this case you should stick to plain wording.
  • Exaggerating Experience: Any form of dishonesty is a surefire way to land yourself in trouble. If you are tempted to exaggerate experience or any other details, resist the urge to do so.
  • Cramming Too Much Information Into the Document: Your resume serves as an advertisement for your qualifications, but it should still be succinct and typically limited to one page in length.
  • Failing to Highlight Skills: Since you have a limited amount of space on your resume, you need to use it wisely. Emphasize your skills thoroughly throughout its text.
  • Being Too Generic: Although a traditional resume style doesn’t leave a lot of room for improvisation, you still need to stand out from the crowd. Don’t fall victim to the pitfalls of a generic resume, and instead, highlight the qualifications that make you special.

Resume Content
Stephanie Smith
143 Mason Road, Harpursville, CA 11111
Experienced sanitation professional with a background in school janitorial services and independent management. Skilled in abilities such as cleaning, handling waste, managing sanitation projects, overseeing cleaning efforts and providing clients with a sanitary environment. Team player in every situation and committed to accomplishing the goals at hand through use of proper sanitation techniques. Looking for a position to apply these skills in.
Superior time management skills
Knowledge of all relevant cleaning supplies and tools
Extensive experience handling cleaning projects
Satisfactory performance in all prior positions
Ability to multi-task and accomplish multiple jobs
Excellent report writing and communication skills
Knowledge of restrictions on cleaners and chemicals
Training in safe use of hazardous chemicals and materials
Commitment to cleaning effectively and efficiently
Janitorial Staff
12/1/2012 ? Current
Harpursville Unified School District ? Clean lockers, bathrooms, classrooms and all other areas of school.
Follow district protocol for correctly sanitizing areas.
Keep kitchen and cafeteria clean and up to code.
Gather garbage and take out to receptacle.
Sweep, mop and polish floors.
Complete cleaning routine before, during and after class hours.
Maintain a safe environment for all staff and students.
Exceed expectations by providing exemplary cleanliness.

Independent Cleaning Services Manager
3/1/2010 ? 12/1/2013
Stephanie’s Maid Service ? Organized service at clients’ homes and workplaces.
Oversaw team of cleaning professionals.
Offered a range of cleaning and sanitation services.
Customized services to meet the cleaning needs of clients.
Tailored chemicals and methods used to clients’ requirements.
Found solutions to unique sanitation needs.

Associate’s Degree in Hospitality
Harpursville Community College, Harpursville, CA