Free Traditional Technical Support Resume Template

Creating a resume that highlights skills and credentials is the best way to establish yourself as a worthy candidate in today’s competitive market. Your resume is what separates you from every other candidate on the planet. If you don’t have a great deal of experience, emphasizing your skills and accomplishments can help to give you an edge and make you more desirable to employers. Study our free traditional technical support resume template and guide so you can create an award-winning document.

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What to Include in a Traditional Technical Support Resume

Your resume should reflect how well-qualified you are for the position you are applying for. Because you may be applying to a company that has a long history and a traditional corporate structure, your resume should have a traditional structure and simple tone. Be sure to include bullets to make your resume easier to read. Keep in mind that each bullet point should be short and sweet.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Including Irrelevant Information: You want to establish yourself as the most qualified individual for the job, but you don’t need to include every single detail about your life and personality on your resume. You can still make your resume unique and authentic by only providing the details that are completely relevant and most important to the position and company you are applying for.
  • Being Too Vague: In your attempt to keep your resume short, you’ve omitted a ton of information that potential employers might find useful. Inform employers about what your skills and experiences are. Be as specific as possible when listing skills, accomplishments and experience and avoid using generalities.
  • Missing Keywords: Many of today’s employers use software to screen resumes. Be sure to use a few keywords and relevant phrases in your resume to ensure that it gets noticed.
  • Missing Dates: Employers look for dates on resumes. Include exact dates on your resume to ensure potential employers keep you as a possible candidate.
  • Making the Resume Too Long: You may have a lot of work experience and skills; however, many of today’s employers are interested in your most current information. Limit your resume to one page and include information that markets your strengths and relevant skills to potential employers. Using concise language can help to keep you from making your resume too long.

Resume Content
John Crush
8412 Goodch Drive, Chicago, IL 11111
Highly analytical self-starter with proven track record of meeting deadlines and increased responsibilities. Efficient at problem identification, resolution, task delegation and multitasking. Seeking challenging position with innovative technology company.
Masterful understanding of computer hardware and software
Proficient in Windows, Mac and Linux Operating systems
Knowledgeable in WCCP and DHCP
Efficient in Network configurations
Experienced in Microsoft Access and Outlook
Highly developed resolution skills
Exceptional communications skills
Coachable and deadline driven
Flexible multi-tasker
Bilingual in Spanish and German
DataWerx ? Chicago, IL

Technical Analyst
1/9/2016 ? 5/16/2016
Answered inbound queries for support online from clients.
Identified and troubleshot network configuration problems and created tickets for escalation.
Supported organization’s internet connectivity to improve department processes.
Maintained and performed maintenance for servers, including Windows 2012.
Monitored email clients for abuse and managed blacklisted IPs list.
Established new training materials for new employees.
Planned and deployed upgrades to company workstations.
Prepared detailed report of system updates and established deployment priority.
Interacted with all levels of organization.
Installed antivirus software on company electronic devices.
Regularly performed backup on workstations and company issued mobile electronic devices.
Bachelor of Science in Engineering
Cooksly College, Chapman, NY