Free Traditional Veterinary Technician Resume Template

Many veterinary practices remain traditional in that they approach hiring and probably some other areas much as they always have. That means you should not get fancy on a resume geared toward such a practice. Keep your language traditional, and remember it is okay to even sound “boring.” Review traditional resume templates to get an idea of what we mean, and check out the sample free traditional veterinary technician resume below. Stick around to read a few tips, too.

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What to Include in a Traditional Veterinary Technician Resume

In a traditional resume, you use simple language and refrain from coloring outside the lines, so to speak. Cover your assets in three areas: skills, work experience and education, and format your lists with bullet points for easier reading. If you have been creative or nontraditional in your work history, you can cover some of these aspects, but do not make them the focus of your resume. Use keywords from the job description to guide you as you write the resume.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Including High School Information: Most resumes should not list high school information, and this is especially true for veterinary technician resumes because you must have at least some college education for this job as well as pass an exam to get a license in many states. Include only your college information, and you are good to go.
  • Neglecting to Proofread: Double checking is very important in a veterinary technician job. You are dealing with prescription medications, for example, so it is important that your resume reflects your attention to detail. Proofread the document for typos and pesky errors.
  • Listing Irrelevant Information: You may have worked in pizza delivery when you were in high school, but is it relevant to the veterinary technician job? A volunteer position walking shelter dogs and caring for them may be better to list instead even if it was unpaid.
  • Repeating Job Responsibilities: If you have worked for multiple veterinary practices, your job duties may have been similar. Use different language to word your tasks, and use results achieved to better differentiate the work you did. For example, you may have planned a community outreach program at one job that was attended by an average of 50 people per week, while at another job you smoothed out the patient intake process to eliminate clutter and to save time.

Resume Content
Helen Bruce
837 Fielding Way, Roanoke, VA 11111
Hardworking and reliable professional with eight years of veterinary technician experience. Several Employee of the Month recognitions. Excellent communication skills and ability to get along with diverse range of people and pets. Seeking opportunity at large veterinary practice.
Licensed veterinary technician in Virginia
Ongoing education in working with diverse populations and on soothing animals
Up to date on current technological trends in veterinary medicine
Recognized as Employee of the Month at least once per year
Spanish-communications classes
Excellent manual dexterity
Great critical-thinking and problem-solving skills
Exemplary communicator
Calm demeanor
Veterinary Technician
8/1/2008 ? Present
Large and Small Furry Friends ? Roanoke, VA
Collect blood, stool and other specimens for testing.
Bathe animals.
Brush animals’ hair and clip nails.
Perform laboratory tests.
Give anesthesia to animals and track their responses.
Take and record patients’ case histories.
Assist in dental procedures.
Provide education to humans on how to care for their pets.
Suggested streamlined patient intake system that helped practice improve efficiency by 20%.

Veterinary Technician
8/1/2007 ? 8/1/2008
We Love Animals ? Roanoke, VA
Worked primarily in office management.
Prepared and labeled medications for patients’ home use.
Maintained and restocked inventory such as pet supplies and food.
Cleaned and maintained exam rooms.
Trained new staff for reception area.
Handled client queries via email and telephone.
Followed up with clients as necessary.

Veterinary Technology Associate of Applied Science, 05/2007
Green Ridge Community College, Green Ridge, VA