Sales Resume Templates

Sales resume templatesWhat it’s Like to Work in Sales

Inside sales representatives do most of their work in the office, contacting current and potential customers by phone or email. The job requires researching the potential customer base and making cold calls. Outside sales involves a combination of visiting current clients to maintain strong relationships and developing new ones by conducting research, reaching out to potential customers via phone, and arranging an initial visit. In either case, a successful salesperson knows the product inside and out. They’ve rehearsed their presentation and are prepared for any possible questions, resistance, or hesitation on the part of the customer.

Most companies train their sales staff by providing them with in-depth product knowledge and the company recommended sales approach. It’s inevitable that you’ll face rejection. It’s important to start fresh with the next call. Sales staff are present in any industry that has a product or service to sell. Advertising salespeople sell advertising space in print, online, or other media. Insurance salespeople sell insurance, and often require in-depth training because of the complicated nature of the business. Wholesale and manufacturing salespeople sell to other businesses. Any sales experience you have, no matter what industry, should be highlighted on your resume. While some sales jobs are local, others cover a large territory, which may require significant travel. Sales quotas are set by employers and are a measure of success. A successful salesperson earns top wages, usually a combination of salary and commission.

Benefits of Working in Sales

The best salespeople share similar skills that makes them successful. They have the ability to identify with the customer, they’re goal-oriented, self-motivated, confident, and competitive. They can adapt to a changing economic landscape. Combine these very desirable traits with the enormous networking opportunities that are simply part of the job, and the possibilities for advancement or a successful job change are great.

Why You Need a Resume

As you write your resume, it’s important to highlight your sales record, not just your employment record. Proven success will catch a potential employer’s eye. Resume-Now can provide you with well-written sales resume examples to help you get started with your own.

Sales Resume Templates

How to write a Sales Resume

1. Create a list of your professional achievements

Use scratch paper to jot down your professional accomplishments.

2. View Sales resume samples to get started

Use our collection of resume samples to get an idea of a strong Sales resume.

3. Write a header and place it at the top of your Sales resume

Make a header that includes the following information: your full name, email address, phone number, and personal website (if you have one).

4. Craft a strong summary statement

Make a brief statement that covers the most important elements of your professional self. Cover your achievements and areas of expertise. Check the job description to make sure it aligns with your statement.

5. Include your skills in a qualifications or areas of expertise section

Right below your summary statement, make a list of your best Sales skills. Make sure they apply to the job description.

6. Showcase your Sales experience in a work history section

Include your relevant past jobs. Provide the company names, your dates of employment, and your title.

7. Take a deep dive into your Sales work history

In bullet point form, detail your duties and achievements  at each job. Use the list you made in step one as a guide. Make sure your points are applicable to the job description.

8. Provide your education at the bottom

Remember to include the highest degree or diploma you obtained. Include the name of the school and the year you got it (or will get it).