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How to write an Acting Resume

Acting resumes should not follow the approach that is usually required for resumes in other fields. Rather, a good acting resume will split acting experiences up into different kinds. A good acting resume will be tailored to each new job that arises and will be focused on the type of acting required of the job that is advertised. With acting resumes, it is not just about the work experience that you have, but also about other special skills and talents that you may have. For example, if you are able to do certain kinds of sports, such as snowboarding, these should be listed in your acting resume as they demonstrate that you have more to offer than simply the acting experience. Such activities may set your acting resume aside from the crowd, securing you an exciting new part.

The structure shown in the acting resume sample below can be used for all acting resumes. Searching online can give you other acting resume samples that ideas could be taken from. However, as a general rule, your acting resume should follow the outline detailed below:

Contact Details

All acting resumes need to include contact information at the top of the page. Be sure to list your full name, and your home and cell phone numbers. You should include an email address as well‘email is commonly used as a contact method these days. Detail your home address, and students can include their university address also. If you have an agent, their contact details should also be included in acting resumes.

Acting Experience

This sample acting resume suggests that the best way to display your acting experience is through breaking it down into sections that demonstrate different types of acting. The sections that you should include are:

  • Film
  • TV
  • Theatrical
  • Stage
  • Commercial

Steer clear of listing every acting experience in your acting resume. It is better to list only the most important parts that you played and those that are most relevant to this application.

Awards and Honors

Actors who have honors and awards should be sure to highlight these in their acting resumes. Not every actor has achieved an award, and those who can show that they have will make their acting resume stand out from the rest.

Acting Qualifications

Acting applicants will have qualifications directly applicable to the job and these must stand out to the recruiter. A good sample acting resume will list both certifications and other qualifications gained. You may want to list any affiliation with any professional organizations in this section of your acting resume.

Most acting resume samples will need to detail other qualifications that have been achieved, not just those in the acting field. Include your education in reverse chronological order and detail out subject/s studied, educational institutes attended and their location, dates of graduation and any other important detail pertaining to your education.

Other Experience

A lot of what goes into securing a part is not just about specific acting experience (though that is extremely important), but also other relevant experience for the role. A good sample acting resume will be able to demonstrate that the actor is able to do other activities as they are applicable to the job. Some bullet points that sample acting resumes might include for a powerful impression (clearly depending on the part) might be things like:

  • Gymnastic ability achieved through attendance of local club to keep up skills.
  • Keep fit enthusiast who is highly coordinated and benefits from salsa dance training.
  • Extensive experience with climbing, including mountain climbing, rock climbing and ice climbing.

All of these show that the actor is able to perform certain activities which might demonstrate suitability for a particular role.


Keywords should be included in any successful acting resume. This will help your acting resumes to be displayed when searches are performed by recruiters on acting job websites. Look over the job advertisement in question for specific keywords and phrases to mention for jobs. A good sample acting resume will work these in throughout for the best possibilities of being seen in searches.

This sample acting resume demonstrates the best way to produce your sample acting resumes. Those still at school may be able to get hold of sample acting resumes from careers centers, to get additional useful information and guidance. From this page you can find sample resumes to get you started.