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Your resume is a reflection of your perfection. Employers will want to know the extent of your construction experience. This can include job duties such as Construction Management, Proposal Development, On-Site Supervision, Finish Carpentry or Drywall skills depending on whether you are a Manager, Site Foreman or Laborer. Here are some tips to design a construction resume. Do not miss in a construction resume, the summary of core competencies, strengths and quantifiable accomplishments. Construction resumes should show how you made the organization or client money, saved them money, increased efficiency, or decreased costs in quantifiable terms. Another important part of the construction resume should be the financial specifics of company size and revenues that is always appreciated by the reader.

Construction Resume Template

Contact Information :

  1. Full name
  2. Campus and permanent addresses
  3. Telephone numbers
  4. Email address

Objective : Short specific statement that includes position, industry, and/or relevant skills Summary of Qualifications : “A proven track record of completing difficult projects on schedule and budget in harsh environment from desert, to jungle, to mountain and the sea. An ability to work in upstream locations with limited communications and scant logistical support with minimal supervision where self-reliance and lateral thinking are required. Excellent interpersonal skills, a professional attitude, and firm personality to see tough jobs through independently or as a team member. I am most familiar with and committed to HSE policies and practices of major petroleum companies.” Education : List most recent degree first.

  1. Name of institution, city and state
  2. Degree, major and year awarded
  3. GPA (optional)

Skills Mention all your dental related skills which makes your resume outstanding. Use action-words, verbs, adverbs, adjectives in your descriptions and terms specific to your job in your construction resume. Experience : List the most recent first.

  1. Job title
  2. Employer name and location (city and state)
  3. Dates of employment
  4. Active description of your responsibilities and accomplishments

Activities : Campus and community activities, Memberships in professional organizations. Job seekers from the construction field often write general statements that lack the use of numbers to describe important items like the size and value of projects or number of staff supervised. They also assume that anyone in the construction industry will know what they have done and the depth of their skills just by reading their job title. However, both are erroneous assumptions and can result in poor resume response. For Example consider the following description of a chunk of experience acquired.

Crew Lead
  • Supervised general labor, carpentry and drywall workers.
  • Worked with General Contractor to estimate projects and develop proposals.
  • Managed daily project completion and trades coordination.

And here is the more appropriate and efficient way to put your experience. Construction Site Management

  • Managed completion of residential and commercial construction projects valued in excess of $20 million annually.
  • Supervised crews of up to 25 master carpenters, journeymen drywall hangers, foundation and general laborer personnel.
  • Estimated project costs, performed take-offs and developed project proposals working directly with the General Contractor.

Add Keywords : Use action-words, verbs, adverbs, adjectives in your descriptions and terms specific to your job in your construction resume. For example ASCE, Concrete Design, Preliminary Stress Analysis, Hydrology Trans Analysis etc. Do not use abbreviations or acronyms unless you define them. Try to use Action Verbs when constructing your statements :

Action Verbs

accelerate advise analyze approve arrange assemble assist build collect complete
conceive conduct control coordinate create delegate detect develop direct discover
distribute edit deliver demonstrate design eliminate establish evaluate examine expand
expedite formulate generate implement improve increase influence install instruct lead
maintain manage motivate obtain operate order organize originate oversee participate
perform pinpoint plan prepare present process produce program promote propose
protest prove provide purchase receive recommend record reduce reinforce reorganize
represent research revamp review revise schedule select sell setup solve
streamline structure study supervise support teach test train write

Now lets have a look at the necessary information that will make your resume stand out. The following are some of the points you should consider while making a Construction resume.

  • The major projects that you have worked on and whether you completed the projects on time and on budget (if you had budgetary responsibility).
  • Your financial and budgetary responsibilities on each major project.
  • Design and purchasing responsibilities.
  • The detailed planning of all stages of construction, including workers, equipment and materials.
  • The construction phase, including site inspections and checking materials, measurements and workmanship.
  • Contact with buyers, planners, surveyors, supervisors / managers, other subcontractors and the client.
  • New techniques, procedures, practices and processes that you have introduced or developed.
  • Any contribution to reduction of cost, improvement in efficiency, or increase in revenue.
  • Any other achievements that have benefited your employers.