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The many skills associated with the industry need to be exhibited in consultant resumes. Employers are looking for a multi-skilled professional candidate and your resume must demonstrate such abilities as analytical expertise, supervisory capacity and excellent problem solving and people management skills.

Focus your resume very specifically to the advertised job and align your particular experience and qualities to that position. Employers will look for a person who can fulfill their current needs, so it is wise to ensure that you emphasize the fact that you have exactly the right skills.

Consultant Resume Template:

A sample resume will lead you through the process of writing your resume and you can simply add your particulars to the sections provided.

Contact Information:

This is standard and uncomplicated but do be careful. A surprising number of people forget to update their contact details and this major blunder can be embarrassing as well as portray you unfavorably as inefficient and forgetful. No-one needs this!

After completing the customary personal details you can begin on the following section:


Create a vibrant objective statement. Summarize your achievements, ambition and value in a brief demonstration which displays your unique character.

For example:

  • Dynamic project leader with proven success in product development. Practical customer service awareness and experience in risk analysis. Seeking opportunity in business consulting role.

The objective statement needs to capture the reader and persuade them to find out more about you and how you may be able to support their company.


This is a vital segment of the consultant resume which outlines the special highlights of your career. Some ideas for these bullet points could be similar to the following:

  • Coordinated and planned projects to increase profitability
  • Supervised teams of consultants ranging from 10 to 25 staff.
  • Conducted financial analysis of separate departments
  • Performed evaluation and diagnosis of supervisor roles and implemented recommendations


Outline your experience here and particularly emphasize the areas of expertise being sought in the job description. Always give measurable results and outcomes which provide authenticity to your statements.

Obviously the areas of maximum interest to potential employers will center around such things as your ability to increase profits, analyze ways to improve productivity and processes, relate well to staff of all levels and communicate readily with management. Problem solving ability is also a most welcome feature that can brought to attention.


List any educational qualifications ranging from the highest award and work downwards. Also include any additional training courses that are relevant for the particular position. Conferences and seminars can be listed. Include your awards and commendations and community activities and associations such as public speaking organizations and service clubs.

Make use of special keywords related to the position by making sure to scrutinize the job advertisement for associated words and phrases in the job title and description. This will give your consultant resume the optimum chance of being discovered. A few example ideas are: management consultant, consulting, consultant, management, customer relations, sales support manager, technical sales, investment representative etc.