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Driver Resume Tips

Contact Information :

  1. Full name
  2. Campus and permanent addresses
  3. Telephone numbers
  4. Email address

Education : List most recent degree first.

  1. Name of institution, city and state
  2. Degree, major and year awarded
  3. GPA (optional)

Experience : List the most recent first. Activities : Campus and community activities, Memberships in professional organizations. Personal : Certifications, security clearances, patents, special awards, citizenship. Try to incorporate the following verbs when making your resume. Try to use Action Verbs when constructing your statements :

Action Verbs

accelerate advise analyze approve arrange assemble assist build collect complete
conceive conduct control coordinate create delegate detect develop direct discover
distribute edit deliver demonstrate design eliminate establish evaluate examine expand
expedite formulate generate implement improve increase influence install instruct lead
maintain manage motivate obtain operate order organize originate oversee participate
perform pinpoint plan prepare present process produce program promote propose
protest prove provide purchase receive recommend record reduce reinforce reorganize
represent research revamp review revise schedule select sell setup solve
streamline structure study supervise support teach test train write

Now lets have a look at the necessary information that will make your resume stand out. The following are some of the points you should consider while making a Truck Driver resume.

  • Your main responsibilities, detailing your collection, transportation and delivery duties, plus health & safety, security, fixing mechanical faults and resolving other problems.
  • Your category of license (if relevant), the type of load you are used to carrying and the distances covered.
  • Planning your routes (the quickest and most economical).
  • Industry regulations.
  • Handling documentation (invoices and delivery notes).
  • Any major projects that you have worked on and whether you completed the projects on time and on budget (if you had budgetary responsibility).
  • New procedures and practices that you have introduced or developed.
  • Make your resume stand out by saying how you have reduced costs / saved money for your company, e.g. how you have planned your routes to save fuel.
  • Any contribution to reduction of cost, improvement in efficiency, or increase in revenue.
  • Any other achievements that have benefited your employers.

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