Human Resources Resume Samples

How to write a Human Resources Resume

Human resources resumes will obviously vary according to the candidate’s level of experience, but as a general guide, the sample human resources resume structure below can be followed. Other human resources resume samples available online may not cover all of the areas that should be included. It is recommended that you use the following as an outline structure for your human resources resume:

Contact Details

In this section, you should put your name, your telephone numbers including a cell phone number and the email address that you will use for applications. Most employers also want to see your address listed. For students, this will include both home address and your address at university.


Those who have less experience should include an objective in their human resources resume. An objective is a sentence that is to the point and states the goal of the applicant. It should be customized for each application. This human resources resume sample suggests something like:

Recently graduated human resources graduate seeks entry position with leading company in the human resources field.


Human resources resumes for more experienced candidates should consider including a profile. This addition to a human resources resume usually consists of four sentences which provide an overview of the candidate’s most applicable experience and skills. Sample human resources resumes include profiles such as:

Human resources expert with more than 15 years of experience working in fast-moving environments. Demonstrable experience leading human resources teams to provide business solutions that are on time and to budget. Ability to overhaul human resources procedures and processes to provide a more cost efficient solution to businesses. Versatile manager who is able to work to tight budgets to achieve significant goals.

This sample human resources resume illustrates how you can include some of your keywords in your profile, which will improve the chances of your resume coming up in online search results. More detail on keywords can be found below.

NOTE: Your human resources resume profile or objective will sit in the top third of the page, which is the area that employers naturally glance to first. Human resources resumes that have a strong profile or objective will stand out more to employers than those which do not highlight key skills and experience in this critical area of the page.

Key Skills

Those who have been in the field for many years may wish to include a list of key skills. This is a good place to also put keywords and phrases that employers may be searching for. Our sample human resources resume suggests that you do it something like this:

  • Human Resources Management
  • Recruitment Coordination and Management
  • Delivering Change Management Solutions
  • Performance Management Specialist
  • Training and Development Coordination
  • People Management Reporting

Human Resources Education

Education sections of your human resources resume should always be listed in reverse chronological order. Make sure to include the following: subject/s studied, educational institutes attended and their location, dates of graduation, any professional qualifications held.

Human Resources Work Experience

Human Resources resumes need to list work experience in reverse chronological order. These days, it is important to list not responsibilities, but instead achievements. Find sample human resources resumes to get ideas from. Lists of responsibilities will not help your human resources resume to shine. Our sample human resources resume suggests that you include bullet points that are listed in a similar way to these:

  • Streamlined human resources department, cutting costs to the business by 15% over two years.


  • Implemented changes to the recruitment process, leading to a reduced time to find the right candidates, and staff turnover reduction of 20%.

Or for a more junior human resources resume:

  • Managed the annual leave process for all departments and reduced waiting times from two weeks to one.

When you are writing your bullet points for each job, pick the strongest words that you can find to best emphasize your abilities in your human resources resume. In this human resources resume sample, we’ve used “Streamlined”, “Implemented”, and “Managed”. Other action verbs can be used to strengthen your bullet points.


Sample human resources resumes often have a section on “activities”. For recent graduates activities in this section should include anything that demonstrates skills such as leadership or team working. Senior human resources resumes might include details on affiliations with professional organizations or leadership responsibilities outside of the workplace. As above in the sample human resources resume, keep bullets powerful.


Your human resources resume needs to include keywords and phrases which will be searched for by hiring managers when looking for applicants that fit the bill. A high quality sample human resources resume usually has keywords mentioned several times within the resume, for the best effect. Some human resources resumes will need to be targeted to very specific aspects of the job, such as a focus on hiring or training and development. In this case keywords should not just be “human resources” but they should target the area that you are applying for.

In summary, the above should provide you information about how sample human resources resumes are laid out. Your university careers office may also be able to provide you with sample human resources resumes to look over and get ideas from. More experienced candidates looking for a sample human resources resume to follow need to look no further than this template. From this page you can find sample resumes to get you started.

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