Insurance Resume Samples

How to write an Insurance Resume

Insurance covers a few different types of jobs, such as Broker, Agent, Agency Owner, Sales Specialist, Claims Assistant, Analyst and more. This sample insurance resume gives general advice on insurance resumes, but you will need to tailor your insurance resume suitably for the specific roles to which you are applying. The sample insurance resume structure detailed below can be used for all types of insurance resumes. Some insurance resume samples can be found online and these can also give some useful tips about what to include, but may not always show you the best structure to use. The structure below is recommended for your insurance resume:

Contact Details

As you might expect, your name should go right at the top, usually in a larger font than the rest of the resume. Also list telephone numbers, including your cell phone, email address and regular address. Students can detail both home address and address at university.


Next it is important to include an objective for insurance resumes for more junior candidates. An objective is one sentence that explains your goal of your resume. It should be targeted for the specific job to which you are applying. This insurance resume sample recommends something like this:

Detail oriented insurance analyst with strong analytical and mathematical skills looking for second job in the insurance industry with a respected player.


Experienced insurance candidates should put in a profile at the top of their insurance resume instead of an objective. A profile is four short sentences giving an overview of the most significant skills and experience of the candidate to date, pertaining to the job application at hand. Sample insurance resumes include profiles such as:

Versatile insurance industry professional with ten years experience managing insurance teams in complex business environments. Analytically-minded insurance analyst with superb organizational skills and attention to detail. Excellent insurance agency manager who is able to ensure that insurance customers are retained. Team leader with experience managing large teams to deliver projects on time and to budget.

The profile will command the initial attention of the recruiter as it sits in that critical part of the page where the attention is first drawn. It is useful to use this area to include keywords. This sample insurance resume also shows how keywords may be cleverly worked into the profile to help the resume having a greater chance of showing up when the employer does online searches for candidates. Here keyword examples used “insurance agency manager” or “insurance analyst” or “team leader”. Keywords included should be based on the job advertisement for the position to which you are applying. More information is available on keywords below.

Key Skills

Key skills are a useful addition in insurance resumes for insurance professionals with more than a few years of work experience in this field. This can also be used to include keywords. Our sample insurance resume recommends this type of approach:

  • Agency Management
  • Insurance Sales Expert
  • Insurance Analyst
  • Developing Insurance Reporting
  • Team Management
  • Risk Analysis

Insurance Education

The education part of your insurance resume should be listed out in reverse chronological order. Some insurance professionals will have specific insurance qualifications gained during their career. Be sure to list these in insurance resumes. More generally, include: subject/s studied, educational institutes attended and their location and dates of graduation.

Insurance Work Experience

Insurance resumes need to list work experience in reverse chronological order. Recruiting managers for insurance positions will want to know about your sales and analysis skills and also a bit about your understanding of the industry. You have to illustrate through your insurance resume that you have significant achievements in these areas. The word “achievements” is key. If you just list responsibilities, your resume will read like a job description and no one will be interested. Our sample insurance resume suggests bullets structured in this way:

  • Instigated sales campaign to increase sales of backpacker travel insurance by the agency, increasing sales by 20% over a three month period.


  • Introduced streamlined processes and procedures for managing new insurance clients, resulting in an increased customer retention rate of 10%.

Or for a less senior insurance resume:

  • Suggested new procedure for dealing with repeat clients leading to 30% greater customer retention rate across business continuity products.

When you are writing your bullets, include action verbs at the start of each sentence. These are powerful words and showcase your achievements at the highest level. Here, we’ve used “Instigated”, “Introduced”, and “Suggested”. Keywords should be tailored to the job application in question, and more detail is available on these below.


For those recently graduated, an insurance resume might include other activities at university than just studying. Activities which demonstrate skills such as organization, attention to detail, ability to sell and analysis skills may be particularly relevant in insurance resumes. Senior insurance professionals should include memberships of professional organizations or leadership positions in their local area.


Your insurance resume needs to work in the keywords and phrases that recruiters will type into search engines while hunting for outstanding candidates for their open insurance positions. A good sample insurance resume will include a variety of relevant keywords and phrases, which may include words such as sales, analyst, analysis, claims, manager, agency or others, depending on the job advertisement and the required skills.

The above provides a summary of how sample insurance resumes are structured and the sorts of information to include for the best chances of success. For those still at school, your university may also be able to provide you with sample insurance resumes to consider, which may have some other great ideas. From this page you can find resume writing advice to get you started.

Insurance Resume Samples