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How to write a Marketing Resume

Marketing is a very popular career choice for many people. There are a large variety of jobs in marketing, such as brand marketing, marketing campaign manager, marketing manger, market researcher and more. Resumes should be targeted effectively at the specific type of marketing job applied for. Generally, the sample marketing resume structure below can be used for all types of marketing positions. Marketing resume samples available on the Internet may offer good suggestions of the types of information to include; however, this is thought to be the most effective outline. This structure is recommended for your marketing resume:

Contact Details

Resumes should include your full name, telephone numbers, email address and other contact details at the top. Students detail both home address and address at university.


Marketing resumes for less experienced candidates ideally start with an objective. Objectives are one concise sentence that provides a goal for your resume and must be targeted at the job. This marketing resume sample suggests you develop this sort of objective, in your own words:

Highly motivated and driven marketing professional with business qualification and brand management experience seeks position of increased responsibility.


Applicants with more experience can include a profile instead of an objective at this point in their marketing resume. Profiles are a few short sentences that draw attention to key experience and skills. Sample marketing resumes may have profiles like this:

Talented marketing manager with extensive experience of managing marketing campaigns in the retail sector. Strategic thinker with extensive client-facing experience who can tailor a campaign to deliver high results to clients. Marketing expert with extensive market research experience in the apparel industry. Flexible marketing manager with team leadership experience who has a “can do” approach toward solving challenging marketing issues.

The profile above in this sample marketing resume shows how keywords and keyword phrases can be included in your profile to increase odds of being found in a job website search. Here sample phrases might be “marketing manager” or “client-facing experience”. Keywords are covered further below. Additionally, your profile commands the most important spot on your marketing resume, where your potential employers will look first. Use action verbs in your sentences for greater effect, and pay special attention to this key area.

Main Achievements

Those marketing professionals with a few years of experience may want to include a main achievements section in their marketing resume right after the profile. This section should detail out up to five really important achievements that are quantifiable and make your resume stand out. This may also be another good place to work in keywords and phrases. Our sample marketing resume suggests that you do it something like this:

  • Initiated and developed re-branding marketing campaign for organization, securing 20% more public brand awareness over five months.

Marketing Education

Your education section should be detailed out in reverse chronological order. Useful degrees for marketing jobs include marketing degrees, business degrees or even an MBA. Either way, be sure to include: subject/s studied, educational institutes attended and their location, dates of graduation, any professional qualifications awarded.

Marketing Work Experience

Marketing work experience must also be detailed in reverse chronological order. Hiring managers in the marketing area will want to be informed about your achievements and successes with your marketing campaigns. Listing responsibilities on their own will not be effective, as every marketing manager will know what your responsibilities were. Achievements will make you stand out. Our sample marketing resume includes bullet points that are put together like this:

  • Instigated marketing campaign to attract 1000 new customers in the time period of one month, on a shoestring budget.


  • Created strategic marketing plan to change the emphasis of company marketing messages resulting in an uplift of sales by 25%.

Or for less senior marketing resumes:

  • Led the development of the marketing creative for an online campaign to increase product awareness, working with designers to tight deadlines.

While writing the bullet points, be sure to use strong and powerful words to emphasize your achievements. Here, we’ve used “Instigated”, “Created”, and “Led”. Try to introduce some variety of action verbs in your resume to attract hiring marketers to your core experience and abilities.


Recent graduates applying for marketing positions might mention relevant activities including fundraising and volunteering in the field of marketing, or other activities that may be interesting to recruiters. Showing an aptitude for team working, leadership, creativity or communication may be important here. Senior marketers may wish to mention affiliations with professional organizations or leadership positions in the community, unrelated to the work place. Keep bullets strong with action verbs.


Your marketing resume should include keywords that will be searched by marketing managers when looking for suitable applicants. A high quality sample marketing resume will contain many of the keywords and phrases employers are looking for, a few times throughout their application. Marketing positions have different slants, for example, more toward research, or more in the line of PR. Make sure your keywords are relevant to your specific application.

As an overview, the above provides sufficient information about how sample marketing resumes are structured. For those still at school, your university may also be able to provide you with sample marketing resumes to look over for ideas. From this page you can find sample resumes to get you started.

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