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How to write a Nursing Resume

Nursing is somewhat of a unique field, as securing that job will depend on your soft skills and personality in addition to your experience. Nursing resumes need to ensure that experience and value-added information relevant to your application shine through in the resume. Additionally, your nursing resume will need to be specifically tailored to the job advertisement. There are a number of different types of nursing and you will need to show that your nursing resume fits the bill. The structure demonstrated in the sample nursing resume below can be used universally across all types of nursing resumes. A search on the web will bring up other nursing resume samples that ideas may be taken from. It is recommended to follow the outline below for your nursing resume:

Contact Details

All nursing resumes should detail contact information at the top of the page. List your full name and your home and cell phone numbers. Also include an email address that you check regularly and your home address. Students can include their university address also.


Inexperienced nursing applicants might next include an objective. A good sample nursing resume objective will state what your nursing resume hopes to achieve. An example is included here: Award winning and highly qualified nurse with a year of experience serving at a small clinic seeks position of increased responsibility at a larger institution. As the part of your resume where the eye naturally falls, this objective needs to say something impressive about you, to make the recruiter sit up. Here we’ve used “award winning” and “highly qualified”.

Main Achievements

A nursing resume sample for more experienced candidates should have a main achievements section, not an objective. The recruiter’s eye will naturally fall here first so word these achievements carefully, so that they really sell you. Include between three and five of the achievements that sell you best and that you are most proud of. Those nursing resumes with impressive achievements will stand out ahead of the crowd. Use action verbs to shape your main achievements and make them stronger. Our sample nursing resume demonstrates this:

  • Implemented new system for admitting patients, reducing patient waiting times by approximately 50% and leading to increased patient satisfaction.

This example demonstrates to the employer that you not only do the regular tasks required of a nurse, but you can also take on additional responsibility and increase clinic efficiency. Examples like this will raise your nursing resume closer to the top of the pile.

Nursing Education

Nursing applicants will usually have qualifications specific to the job, so make sure these stand out, especially if you received high grades or awards. List your education in reverse chronological order and start with the most recent. Make sure to include subject/s studied, educational institutes attended and their location, dates of graduation, any other professional qualifications achieved.

Nursing Work Experience

Like the education section, this part of your nursing resume must be listed in reverse chronological order. Your goal here is to list not responsibilities but achievements and aspects of your career to date that demonstrate that you will bring more to the job than the average nurse. For more specialized positions, very specific detail is required here. Don’t forget to include the softer skills required of nurses in your nursing resume. If you can show excellence in patient care and empathy alongside cost cutting, you’ll stand a good chance of getting an interview. Don’t just list responsibilities—employers these days want to know about your achievements. Our sample nursing resume recommends bullets that are structured as follows:

  • Instigated new process to cut costs by streamlining ward records required without degrading the quality of the information required or reducing care.

Leadership roles must demonstrate supervisory or management experience. Senior nursing resumes should be clear about where they gained this experience. Achievements should be quantifiable where possible, using figures to demonstrate results. Action verbs will make your achievements stand out. Here we’ve used the word “Instigated” as this demonstrates initiative and possibly leadership in the workplace.


Those who have left university recently should include relevant activities on their nursing resume next. This should help to solidify the work experience area. Internships, voluntary work and awards should be included here. Senior nursing professionals can detail out any memberships of professional organizations or voluntary work carried out. Again, use action verbs for more impressive bullets that stand out from the crowd.


Keywords and phrases should be worked into your nursing resume. This is because employers will carry out searches on job websites and if you do not include keywords and phrases, your resume will not show up in those searches. Look at the job ad for ideas of the words and phrases to include—they’ll all be in there. A good sample nursing resume will work these cleverly in, repeating them a few times in a non-obvious manner. This template shows the best approach for sample nursing resumes and the detail to list. If you are still at school your university may also be able to provide you with sample nursing resumes, from which you can pull other ideas to use. From this page you can find sample resumes to get you started.

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