Operations Resume Samples

How to write an Operations Resume

Operations encompasses a very large variety of different positions, so for these roles it is important to tailor your operations resume appropriately to each position applied for. Generally speaking, the sample operations resume structure detailed below is appropriate. Some operations resume samples can be found online and these can also give some useful tips about what to include, but may not always demonstrate the most logical structure. This structure is recommended for your operations resume:

Contact Details

At the top you should include your full name, telephone numbers including your cell phone, email address that you check regularly, and regular address. Students should include both home address and address at university.


Operations resumes for more junior candidates are best started with an objective, which is a concise sentence detailing your targets and what you want to work toward. It should be targeted for the specific job to which you are applying. This operations resume sample recommends something like this: Talented operations professional with excellent organizational skills seeks challenging operations position in the software development industry.


Operations candidates who have been working in the area for a few years may instead want to put in a profile at the top of their operations resume. A profile consists of four short sentences providing a summary of the applicant’s most important experience and skills as they relate to this job. Sample operations resumes include profiles such as: Driven operations manager with more than 15 years experience managing operations in the automotive industry. Motivated leader with considerable experience managing large teams to deliver projects on time and to budget. Expert in manufacturing processes such as visual management and lean manufacturing, who has implemented organization-wide change in procedures for company efficiency. Strategic thinker who problem solves and thinks on her feet to develop creative problem solutions in the minimum time. The area where your profile appears in your resume is critical for attracting the attention of the recruiter because the eye automatically falls on that part of the page. Take care on this part of your resume to ensure that yours rises above the rest to the top, by placing considerable energy into what goes in this important section in your operations resume. This sample operations resume also shows how keywords may be assimilated into your resume profile, to raise the chances of your resume being returned by a job website when an employer performs a search. Here, keyword examples included are “visual management” or “lean manufacturing” or “operations manager”. Keywords are covered in more detail below.

Key Skills

Operations employees with some years of experience may want to detail out some key skills in their operations resume. A perfect opportunity to include extra keywords, our sample operations resume suggests that you do it something like this:

  • Online Operations Management
  • Quality Assurance Experience
  • Organizational Expert
  • Developing Operational Reports
  • Process Analysis
  • Six Sigma Expert

Operations Education

Your education section should be detailed in reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent. If you have specific operations qualifications, make sure to list them. In your education section, include: subject/s studied, educational institutes attended and their location, dates of graduation, any professional qualifications achieved.

Operations Work Experience

Your work experience in operations must be listed in reverse chronological order. Recruiting managers for operations positions will be particularly interested in how you improved efficiency, reduced errors, bettered processes (again for efficiency) and how your attention to detail is above and beyond the capabilities of others out there. You will need to demonstrate that you have had achievements that demonstrate these sorts of skills. If you just list responsibilities your resume will not be processed further and you will be rejected. Our sample operations resume recommends bullets that are structured as follows:

  • Spearheaded exercise to increase operational efficiency by promoting the work of operations throughout the organization to senior management.


  • Reduced the perception of the operations team as a “bottleneck” by improving upstream processes through working with relevant peers.

Or for less senior operations resumes:

  • Initiated rewrite of operations procedural manual to bring it up to date, reducing errors in the team by 15%.

When creating the bullets focus on using powerful words that really demonstrate your best achievements. Here, we’ve used “Initiated”, “Spearheaded”, and “Reduced”. Be sure to include action verbs here, to demonstrate the extensive nature of your core experience and abilities to employers in this area.


Recent graduates seeking roles in an operations environment might mention relevant activities that demonstrated how they improved something by making it more efficient. Showing an aptitude for organization, team working, leadership or communication may be useful if you have relevant experience. Senior operations professionals could detail any memberships of professional organizations or leadership positions in their local community that are not related to work. Bullet points should again use action verbs.


Your operations resume must include relevant keywords that employers will search for when trying to identify suitable candidates for their operations roles. A good sample operations resume will include a number of suitable keywords and phrases which could include words such as processes, efficiency, organizational skills, attention to detail and more, depending on the job advertisement and key skills required. The above provides a summary of how sample operations resumes are structured and the sorts of information to include for the best chances of success. For those still at school, your university may also be able to provide you with sample operations resumes to consider, which may have some other great ideas. From this page you can find sample resumes to get you started.

Operations Resume Samples