Police Resume Samples

Police Resume

A police resume should reflect excellent communication, interpersonal and analytical skills. In addition to this demonstrate an aptitude for developing new skills and the ability to implement them immediately making an effective contribution to new employment.

Objective : When building a police resume, define your Civilian Job Objective in a clear way. Your definition should trail the kind of job profile you are looking for. Focus on the following areas :

  • Skills
  • Areas of expertise
  • Certifications
  • Accomplishments

Background/Experience : Your experience is an asset and should be marketed as such. Many employers realize the value of bringing veterans on board. As you detail your experience you must provide a prospective employer with evidence of your expertise, knowledge and experience and the many skills you have developed throughout your career. Attributes honed include dedication, leadership, teamwork, positive work ethic and cross-functional skills.

Training/Courses : Provide detail on training and courses undertaken in your resume throughout your career in the police profession that have enhanced your experience and skills and which will be of immense value in your new position.

Accomplishments/Achievements : Detail specific achievements and areas where you have excelled throughout your career. If you’re unsure of what this section should like – look through some other police resume examples. Detail your daily activities and responsibilities as you create a detailed profile of your potential for a prospective employer.

Police Resume Samples