Security Resume Samples

When writing a security resume you need to convey your excellent interpersonal skills and show that you are a strong communicator. Your resume should also highlight fine methodical abilities and in addition your capacity to learn new skills and the aptitude to handle potentially dangerous situations. The best way of writing your resume will be to follow the sample format and simply add your own details. Contact Information This is standard and comes right at the top of a resume. The simple purpose is to let the employer know who you are and how you can be contacted. There are a few things to note. Put your full first name, not just initials and it is best not to use your work phone number or email. Use an address and number that you can easily access and reply to. Objective Statement: This is an optional section and it is not necessary to include. It is a matter of personal taste but really suits an application where there is very little work experience to document. It is best to keep this very straight forward and avoid being vague. For example:

  • To gain a position as a security officer in vehicle patrol offering challenge and further training opportunities.

Security Experience This section will contain the most important details and needs to show your industry knowledge and experience by highlighting and giving examples particularly in the areas of:

  • Having a positive work ethic
  • Working as a team member
  • Showing leadership
  • Your dedication to the company and job
  • Your ability to face situations which may possibly be critical or life threatening.

These are all abilities and skills which will be highly valued by any employer looking for competent and professional security personnel. Extra training Your resume should also outline any training courses which you have completed as these have increased your experience and will provide added value for an employer. For instance special courses in drug enforcement and computer training are good examples of additional training. Your Achievements: Give full details of special achievements and any areas where you have shone during your career. These should be a priority before outlining the duties you have undertaken. Always give concrete examples to back up your statements rather than simply listing duties. Your prospective employer wants to know that you are going to be able to fulfill the needs of the company and that you can be totally relied upon. Therefore you need to show very clearly that you possess all the important qualities and skills that he needs. Make sure that your security resume highlights the attributes that demonstrate how you can be a great asset to the company and that you are just the person that they are seeking. Throughout your resume be sure to use keywords several times. These are the specific words connected with security jobs that you will see in the advertised position and will help lead prospective employers to you when they search for these key terms when looking for new security employees.

Security Resume Samples