Tutor Resume Samples

Your tutor resume needs to display your expertise and knowledge and suggest the qualities which will attract the interest possible employers. So always keep in the mind that you are aiming to make an impression on the person who will ultimately hire you. Think about the qualities that they are seeking and read the job advertisement thoroughly to pinpoint all the attributes they want. You can then write a resume that neatly corresponds with their wishes. Tutor services are in demand all over the country and writing an excellent resume by following the sample tutor resume will swiftly land you the ideal job.

Contact Details

Simply list your name, address and contact details at the beginning. Nothing fancy or elaborate is required for this section.

Objective or Goal

Write a brief but precisely worded objective statement that sums up your goals, gives insight into your background and states the qualities you have to offer. Try not to write vague and unspecified statements that do not mean a great deal to the person reading them


This is an important part of a tutor resume and is of particular interest to potential employers. Your qualifications are your passport for entry to the best jobs. List your academic achievements in order from the highest to lowest awards, as well as the year that they were finalized and the organization name. For example: Postgraduate Diploma in Special Education, Cambridge University, 2001

Professional Experience

This is the real meat of the resume and gives you an opportunity to make a good impression. Do not simply record your past jobs and duties in a tedious list. Employers find these rather unexciting and will tend to gloss over them. This is where you can use plenty of action verbs and show how your experience has made a difference and contributed to your previous roles. Some examples of this style:

  • Developed programs to promote healthy eating campaigns for students
  • Organized committee of teachers to develop reading program for slow learners
  • Participated in the after school homework workshop program

Add any experiences which show that you are an energetic and enthusiastic contributor and highlight your skill as an educator. Aim to show “people skills”, dedication as well as organizational and analytical talents. Any technical abilities such as computer proficiency should be feature as well.

Additional Information / Activities

This section allows you to display your membership of community associations and professional bodies. It draws attention to your commitment to others and social participation. Awards and commendations need to be listed here and any additional relevant training courses that you have attended. It is also useful to add your hobbies and interests that are appropriate and will enhance your status in the eyes of hiring managers. Finally tutor resumes should also include a good number of commonly used words or keywords that employers will search for online. Look for specific job descriptions and take out the words that are relevant to the job you are after and use these at various stages when writing your resume.

Tutor Resume Samples