Web Designer Resume Samples

Being a web designer and seeking a position in this field requires that you have an extremely well designed resume. It only stands to reason! A good web designer resume will seek a balance between clarity and creativeness. Your eye for detail and expertise in a wide range of design elements need to be on show and grab the attention of possible employers. The majority of resumes do not reflect the actual personality behind the document as they trot out the same old phrases that everyone uses. These do nothing to help the manager or consultant make a decision and choose the best applicant for the position. A resume that carefully matches the experience and abilities that the employer wants, uses action words and gives tangible examples will break out from the pack and be noticed. The sample resume gives you an outline which you can work on to make a customized version which will suit your precise job application requirements.

Contact Details

Supply the standard information here with updated phone, address and email contacts.


Write an objective which is a good match for the position you are after. Make it short and precise. For example you could write something similar to this: ‘to obtain a challenging designer role where I can apply my 6 years experience in a large go-ahead company’.


Here you can write a bulleted list of action statements that give a compelling impression of your abilities and strengths. You need to ask yourself questions about any problems that you may have solved and any situations where you did something over and above your required duties. Write about these and you will create a very favorable reaction in the reader. Statements which start out with ideas like these are essential for a successful web designer resume

  • Lead a team in designing …
  • Installed ….
  • Administered
  • Responsible for ..

Always begin with your very best experiences and achievements and make these a particular focus.


It is always important to note your academic qualifications and these are certainly of interest to employers. They can be written with your highest qualification first with the institution and year included.

Additional Information

This is where you are able to include supplementary details which will give extra insight into your abilities and ways you can add to the company. You can place details of extra training courses attended, membership of community or professional organizations, voluntary positions. Keywords that concern web designer resumes should be included regularly in your document. You can research for these in job descriptions and advertisements.

Web Designer Resume Samples