Web Developer Resume Samples

Any web developer resume should provide a clear picture of the technical abilities and proficiencies of the candidate. You need to be able to portray your specific capacities and give substantial examples of how you used your skills in your past positions. The sample resume will get you started and guide you through the necessary sections. After completing the standard introductory section for contact details you can move on to the objective statement:


Write this as a summary of your immediate goals, your past experience and what you might offer a company. You could base your paragraph on the following example: to gain a position in a large company with opportunity for a working on a variety of projects in different markets and future advancement.


Specify if there are any special highlights of your career and list them in bullet points.

Technical Expertise

You can insert a special heading for your technical experience and include your specializations. List the operating systems, programming languages, hardware, networking protocols and web applications that you are proficient in. These are your major selling points so give accurate and persuasive accounts of your performance in these areas. Let you past performances in web development shine through in this section. Take into account that carrying out any activities that resulted in better performance, saving money, innovation and improved efficiencies are searched for by potential hiring management.


The most current position should be listed first and it should be geared toward the job you are Make sure you gear your experience toward the job application you are making. If you have what the company is looking for your chances are certainly good.


A company always likes to see degree qualifications in this section and you should include your awards here stating the name of the degree or award, the institution and year completed.

Additional Information

This is where you can add other plus factors which will impress a company and give you that little extra boost. For example if you have a security clearance for past programming jobs. Awards can be included is you have received some during your career. As an IT specialist you will be aware of the importance of keywords being included throughout any web developer resumes. Research various job descriptions and job titles to come up with your own specific list of words that will ensure that your resume is found by employers searching for those terms.

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Web Developer Resume Samples