Arbitrator Resume Sample

When it comes to building a persuasive case and launching a winning argument against the opposition, you’re the best. Yet is your resume really presenting the arguments needed to win an employer over in your favor? If you’re not getting the response you want on job applications, it may not be. That’s where we come in, with an arbitrator resume sample that shows you exactly what makes a resume effective in gaining employers’ attention. Use the sample and our resume builder as the job search tools you need to boost your job search, and set the terms of your career development.

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Melinda Addison

100 Broadway Lane
New Parkland, CA, 91010
Cell: (555) 987-1234

Professional Summary

Experienced Arbitrator with natural negotiation abilities. Provide assistance to clients from diverse backgrounds with varying needs, with arbitration duties often involving contract negotiations and landlord-tenant disputes. Previous history as a practicing attorney with experience in corporate and estate law.

Core Qualifications

  • Corporate litigation
  • Estate negotiations
  • Court proceedings
  • Contract negotiations
  • Conflict resolution
  • Highly organized
  • Effective communicator


Arbitrator, October 2011 – Present

Stone & Allgers – New Cityland, CA

  • Identify key issues in dispute.
  • Advise on a variety of cases involving contract disputes.
  • Draft agreements and proposals agreeable to all involved parties.
  • Seek acceptable solutions to avoid litigation when possible.
  • Frequently assist in the resolution of estate disputes.

Arbitrator, October 2009 – September 2011
Preston, Smith and Sellers – New Cityland, CA

  • Advised on more than a hundred cases involving landlord-tenant disputes.
  • Prepared both binding and non-binding agreements and contracts.
  • Drafted amendments to agreements and advised on contract renewals.
  • Collected relevant information in the process of solving disputes.
  • Achieved an impressive record of settling cases without the need for intervention from the courts.
  • Prepared written responses to demands from other involved parties in disputes.


2006 Juris Doctor
University of California, New Cityland, CA
2002 Bachelor of Science, English
University of California – New Cityland, CA

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Why Is This a Good Arbitrator Resume Sample?

Considering that legal professionals occupy an ubiquitous role in numerous areas of commercial, corporate, civil, and family law among several other areas of practice, one hallmark of a good arbitrator resume is specificity. While you don’t want to box yourself in and end up pigeonholed out of all but a few roles, you still want to demonstrate expertise in your practice areas and draw focus to the areas of law where you prefer to work.

Take, for example, the summary section of the arbitrator resume sample. In this powerfully worded, brief summary, our sample candidate discusses natural negotiation skills and a diverse background, but singles out experience in landlord-tenant relations, estate law, and corporate law. With just a few sentences, she’s brought focus to her resume and demonstrated to employers that she has the skills needed for her target roles.

The core qualifications section further reinforces this with keywords that, along with being scannable and searchable by both human eyes and algorithms, also enhance the core skills shown in the summary. The candidate in our arbitrator resume sample focuses her strengths here and lists valuable keywords such as corporate litigation, estate negotiations, contract negotiations, and conflict resolution.

In the employment section of the arbitrator resume sample, the candidate backs up her claims with solid evidence. Each bullet point is crafted to show her skills in action, demonstrating how she used her abilities to the benefit of her employers and their clients. This section also shows experience with law firms; depending on your background, you may have experience as direct counsel or as an employee of a law firm, but either way you should focus your descriptions on the practice areas where you’ve excelled.

For legal professionals, the education section and that all-important Juris Doctor is key. Don’t forget to include all bar association memberships and any other legal qualifications or certifications.

Why You Need a Strong Arbitrator Resume

The world of corporate attorneys and litigators is cutthroat, with legal professionals jockeying for positions with prestigious firms and fighting each other for the best cases. Every win is hard-fought, and every loss bitter. This carries over into the employment market and makes for often vicious competition for jobs. Employers need to know that as an arbitrator, you have a solid portfolio of wins under your belt and possess the skills needed to outshine the competition not just in the job market, but in the courtroom. An effective resume, like our arbitrator resume sample, positions you as a winner by depicting not only your areas of expertise but how you applied that expertise to secure victories in critical cases impacting corporate employers or clients.

Costly Arbitrator Resume Mistakes To Avoid

As a legal professional it’s important to demonstrate that you speak the lingo of the profession, but it’s equally important not to lose the reader in extensive legal jargon and terms of case law. Depending on whether you’re applying for a corporate position as legal counsel or applying to work with a law firm, you should revise the terminology you use in your resume to make it accessible to your target audience. Hiring managers at a law firm want to see that you confidently speak their language, but corporate employers are more interested in what you accomplished. Remember your audience, and avoid confusing them.

Don’t disclose confidential client details. You work with a great deal of sensitive and proprietary information, and while certain information might pad your resume with impressive points, it won’t be worth the loss of faith when employers believe they can’t trust you with confidential matters. Instead follow the example in our arbitrator resume sample, and speak in general terms that still allow you to discuss accomplishments.


It’s said no contract is truly set in stone, but with your skills and a resume like our arbitrator resume sample, you can make the case for your next job rock solid. Give your resume a complete overhaul and use your negotiation skills to win the future you want by transforming your job search and improving your career trajectory.